As we all know, we’re more likely to leave a review when we’re disappointed with a service than when we’re satisfied. And yet, leaving positive reviews is very important for the person receiving them. So how do you ask for them?

1. Prepare the customer in advance

Before thinking about positive reviews, think about everything that makes the customer want to post one.

Listen without being intrusive. Let her know you’ll be there if she needs you, and ask mid-stay if everything is going well. This way, you can avoid unpleasant surprises. Just be careful not to overdo it and “smother ” your customer.

Also check before arrival that everything is as advertised. Everything must be perfectly clean and there must be nothing missing from what you’ve advertised.

To increase your chances of getting positive reviews, you can even include
a few little extras
to offer your customers.

2. How to formulate your request

One of the most popular techniques is to send a simple e-mail, politely asking your customers to share their experience on your platform. For even more luck, remember to personalize your e-mail and include a clickable link to make things easier for your customer.

You can also send a text message to your customers at the end of their stay. Beware, however, that although practical, this method is very intrusive and may disturb some people. So there are a few rules to follow: get straight to the point with a clear, precise message, don’t mention any subject other than the rating, and send it within a few hours of the end of the booking. Finally, use a
shortened url
for your link.

Our favorite technique is the last one: the QR code. With our
digital welcome booklet,
your customers can give their feedback simply by scanning the QR code before leaving the property. You can remind them of this in the general terms and conditions or schedule a notification. It’s a simple and effective way to get positive reviews, because customers feel less “forced”.

Now that you know how to ask for positive reviews, why not read our article on how to reacting to a negative review ?