The Airbnb platform brings together an innumerable number oflistings offering rentals ranging from rooms to complete accommodations. The platform allows you to choose exactly what you’re looking for, thanks to a number of filters and categories. In France and abroad, it has become one of the leading sites for short-term accommodation listings.

Top 10 French cities

In France, the Airbnb rental market is dominated by several major cities.

Paris tops the list with 60,000 ads. The capital of love is still as popular as ever. Nice is next with 12,000 referrals. Thanks to its living environment and climate, it is always a first choice destination. Lyon, with its 9,000 listings, knows how to seduce visitors with its historic heritage. Marseille and its calanques come second with 8,000 ads. Bordeaux is next, with 7,000 ads. Cannes and its festival has 6,500. Toulouse, the Pink City, offers 6,000 ads, while Lille, the Flemish capital, is not far behind with 5,500. Montpellier and Nantes round out the top 10, with 5,000 and 4,500 rental ads respectively.

These cities, each with their own specificities and assets, contribute to France’s diversity and attractiveness on the Airbnb platform.

Top 10 global cities

Let’s take a step back and look at the top 10 cities in the world. The Airbnb rental market is dominated by several metropolises, each with their own specific characteristics.

New York leads the way with 70,000 ads. In second place is Paris, with the 60,000 ads we saw earlier. London follows close behind with 50,000 ads. Rome, with its 45,000 listings, is a city of history and ancient monuments. Los Angeles is home to 40,000 ads, American myths and sandy beaches. Barcelona and Tokyo are neck and neck with 35,000 and 30,000 ads respectively. Berlin, with 28,000 listings, is a magnet for history. Last but not least, Sydney and Amsterdam come in at 25,000 and 24,000 ads respectively.

These cities, each with their own unique characteristics, represent the most popular destinations on Airbnb around the world.

This overview allows us to seeAirbnb ‘s dominance in the world of tourism booking. Generally offering accommodation in the home, the platform has developed its concept to appeal to the greatest number of people worldwide.

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