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Create your own digital welcome booklet!
Once you’ve customized it, pass it on to your travelers before their arrival or directly on site.

Your travelers will be able to benefit from your invaluable advice at all times.

+ More than 9,500 hosts use StyQR

A pleasure for your travellers,comfort for you

Thanks to the digital welcome booklet you can centralise all the necessary information for your travellers. They will ask you less, which will free up your time.

Your travellers will be delighted and at the same time you will complete the necessary criteria with Atout France to keep your stars for furnished rentals or hotels.

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“Our customers are delighted to use the
digital welcome booklet! 😍 “

Whyuse StyQR


Get a totally personalized booklet by choosing your own colors, background image and fonts.

Create your own information categories and enhance them with photos, PDFs and words.


Don’t print or reprint your welcome booklet.
Just put the QR-code of your booklet in a photo frame.

One print rather than dozens

Customer support

We’re always here for you! Our success depends on you 🙂

We answer your questions in less than 5 minutes and help you set up your booklet.

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A complete bookletto welcome your travelers

In your booklet, you’ll find all the information you need for your travelers’ stay. From points of interest around your accommodation (restaurants, bakeries, etc.) to useful information and the WI-FI code.

It’s totally customizable, so you can customize it with your own colors and background image!

You can also translate it into 8 languages

Discover the features

Surpriseyour travelers

Create a wow effect!
They’ll be delighted with the care you’ve taken to create a beautiful welcome booklet.

More than just words, discover our demo booklets

You speak better than we do

Great service for managing a gite, for only €30/year.
I had intended this solution to be temporary before developing a similar space on my site, but it’s so pleasant and intuitive that I’ll continue to pay to keep the solution.

Translation options, picto, etc…
Customers love it and let us know, a real plus in our relationship with them.


I’m delighted with this application, which I’ve been using for over a year for seasonal rentals. My customers find it super practical and I can add remove change anything I want. For foreigners, everything is translated into several languages, especially some complicated ones, in addition to the classic languages like English, German, etc. Frankly, it took me a long time to find the site I wanted, but now I’m not disappointed, it’s exactly what I was looking for. Thank you so much. I validate and highly recommend. 🌴


I’ve been using the Styqr application for my two gîtes for 2 years. The big plus is that I can change just one module when I’ve, for example, changed the gas stove to an induction hob.
Tenants are very happy to have all the information on their phones.

J Feenstra

A very easy-to-use, simple and effective application. It’s clear and precise. It also offers a comprehensive range of options. Our support team is on hand to give you the best results as quickly as possible. I recommend it! A great help for my business in development! Thank you. L’Ile O Clés Conciergerie

Élodie S.

I manage several vacation rentals and the booklets provided by StyQR save me a lot of time in my dealings with travelers.
The Translation section is very well done.
I often get positive feedback from travelers on the practicality of the booklets.

Tiffany C.

I manage several holiday rental apartments. Creating a booklet is easy, intuitive and fast, with numerous options for personalization. Multi-language translation, modifiable at any time.
Also, a super-reachable and available support team.
Well done to Styqr! I highly recommend it!


The strength of a StyQR is a complete StyQR 🔥

Create your booklet

Questions & answersAnswers

Simply create an account, and in just a few clicks you’ll be able to create your first welcome booklet!

A booklet is 30 euros per year or 3 euros per month including VAT for short term rentals, guest houses and gîtes.

For hotels, the booklet is 15 euros per year or 1.5 euros per month including tax per room.

For campsites, please contact us.

This feature is available in our Premium offer.

When editing your booklet, you can translate all the text elements in your booklet by clicking on the “+” or the flags.

Select the languages of your choice:

Then all you have to do is click on the automatic translation button provided by our partner Deepl.

In your space, the statistics tab allows you to follow the use of your booklet(s). You can thus find out which modules are most used or which information is most consulted.

To share your booklet with your travellers, you can either send them an email or a text message beforehand by retrieving the link in your space. Or you put a QR-code, also available in your space, in a photo frame that you put in your accommodation. All the traveller has to do is scan it 🙂

It’s possible! When opening the booklet in your browser, click on the share function and select “on home screen” for IOS or “add to home screen” for Android. The booklet will download to your phone and be available offline.

At StyQR we have chosen not to make a mobile application so as not to have to download it from the IOS or Android stores. It is therefore a Web Application accessible by clicking on a classic URL link. Your traveller can access your booklet very easily.

Of course! And it is even necessary 🙂 Your traveller is waiting for your precious advice on the surroundings. Don’t hesitate to put the good bakery or your favourite restaurant, your traveller will thank you.

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