StyQR allows the creation of a digital welcome booklet for all accommodation solutions.

The digital welcome booklet is a guide for the guests of your accommodation. It replaces the traditional paper booklet, brochure or binder that you used to use to give your guests useful information.

Your digital welcome booklet centralises all the useful information for you and your customers, such as the wifi code, digicodes, good addresses nearby, useful numbers, practical information, guest book….

We’re really romantic at StyQR… The easiest prononciation is : “staï-coeur”!

StyQR is the combination of two words: sticker and QR Code. Indeed, the digital welcome booklet created via StyQR is accessible by scanning a QR code, in the form of a decorative object to stick in your flat (poster, photo frame…).

Our team is based in France, between Paris and the south of France!

The project was born from a meeting between two colleagues, two friends who, during a week’s holiday, realised that it was sometimes complicated to find all the information about their rental property. Moreover, disturbing the owner several times a day was not a practical solution.

Over time, our thinking led us to create our digital welcome booklet solution for all types of accommodation (hotels, guest houses, B&Bs, private rentals, campsites, etc.), in order to make life easier for hosts and their travellers!