Normandy is a vast region in which there are many things to discover. So let’s go ! Let’s head for the 8th stage of our regiontrip !

Its picturesque towns :

We start our walk with a first stop in Honfleur. This is the most important port in Normandy. Take time to stroll around the port and discover its beautiful houses. Then continue your journey towards the square: Deauville, Trouville, Cabourd and Houlgate. Very famous, the first two will not fail in their reputation. Why not stop to try your luck in the beautiful casino of Deauville !

Continuing on your way, Grandville is a must. Don’t miss the Place Cambernon, the Grande Porte and the tour of the ramparts. But that’s not all. There is plenty to do for both foodies and party-goers. Many restaurants and a well-known carnival are also part of the charm of this beautiful city.

Of course, you should also stop in Caen to discover its Vaugueux district and its castle. A stop in Rouen is a must. Yes, big cities are always on our list. We suggest you go and discover its medieval houses and the Gros Horloge belfry. You won’t be disappointed !

Finally, to finish off this tour of the towns and villages we love most, we’ll let you in on our little secret: the village of Gouville sur Mer. You’ll find lots of little huts with colourful roofs and a great walk to boot !

Its exceptional sites and its history :

Does the Bayeux Tapestry ring a bell ? Then take our advice and go and discover it. It is 69 meters long! Rather imposing but we assure you, it is worth the diversions! Then to continue in the memories of history it is possible to go to visit many museums and even the landing beaches. It is rather intimidating when you think about it to be in this place where many things happened, it is full of emotions and memories. If you are interested then make a stop there during your stay in Normandy.

Then, let’s go to the monuments you will tell me you already know but it is mandatory that they have a place in this article. It would be a sacrilege otherwise! First of all, I am talking about the Mont Saint Michel of course! Yes, some people will tell me that it is part of Brittany. Well, no! Sorry to disappoint some of you, but the Mont Saint Michel is indeed Norman and a must-see! Take the time to visit its narrow streets and its museum. And if you want to make a complete visit you can even go for a walk in the bay at low tide.

Let’s continue with another famous site, the cliffs of Etretat. To tell you the truth, this is a place that I particularly like. An exceptional landscape and a remarkable point of view await you there.

And to finish with this culturally enriching part, we are going to discover two more natural destinations. First of all, not always known but nevertheless exceptional: the Pays d’Auge. It is a must in Normandy and a beautiful representation of this region. Its cows, its half-timbered houses, its small thatched cottages. This is exactly what you think of when you think of Normandy. So if you want to recharge your batteries and take some time to relax, this is definitely the place to go.

And to end on a high note, let’s talk about a little paradise off the coast of Normandy : the Chausey Islands. Discover its turquoise water, its breathtaking landscape and its granite coasts. You’ll tell us all about it !

Its activities :

For those who are more looking for activities, especially family activities, don’t worry, Normandy has what you need !

First of all, visit the Cité de la Mer in Cherbourg. Between discovering the abysses and visiting the very first French nuclear submarine, you will be amazed, guaranteed. For a more natural spirit you can visit the natural park of Perche. This is the right destination to get your fill of fresh air. Many walks are available there. For those who are looking for a tropical experience, Normandy is the place to be. Come and discover Biotropica. You will discover animal species that we are definitely not used to seeing and all this in a heated greenhouse of 6000m2.

And finally, for the little (and big) gourmets, come and discover the biscuit house located in Sortosville-en-Beaumont in the Manche or the caramels of the Château de Beaumesnil and finally, the Camembert route !

This article does not contain all the treasures of Normandy, so I hope that it will make you want to come and discover the ones in the article and all the others !
Don’t hesitate to add to your booklet all the places and good addresses which could embellish the stay of your travellers. See you soon in another region of France !

New Aquitaine and its wealth

The regiontrip continues, we leave on the West coast for this fifth stage: direction New-Aquitaine.
Since the new reform, the region Nouvelle-Aquitaine is one of the biggest regions of France. So you can imagine, there is a lot to do!
There is something for every taste, for every universe and for every style.

A strong historical presence

Lovers of history, beautiful stones and intact conservation: you are in the right place!
New Aquitaine is home to a large number of bastides and medieval villages preserved in their best condition. This is a very good way to discover the region as they are scattered all around. We think of Collonges la rouge in the Limousin, Villefranche du Périgord, the bastide of Monpazier and Sarlat la Canéda in the Dordogne or Monflanquin in the Lot et Garonne.
But that’s not all, we also advise you to visit the typical villages of the Basque Country. And stop in Espelette to taste its famous pepper!
Many castles are present in the region such as the castle of Bonaguil or the one of Roquetaillade.

An exquisite natural panorama

In this part of France too, we can say that nature has been generous. From the caves of Lascaux in the Dordogne, world famous for their paintings from the Paleolithic period, it is not nothing! At the Orgues de Bort in the Limousin and not forgetting the Pyrenees National Park you will not be disappointed. A little extra just for you, make a detour to Artouste and take the little train which is the highest railroad line in Europe.
The cliffs of Meschers sur Gironde south of Royan are also a beautiful discovery. They are made of troglodytic caves that can be visited. To admire the white cliffs of Meschers with the best point of view we advise you to go to the village of Talmont sur Gironde. Finally the gorges of Kakuetta, the abyss of Proumeyssac and the dune of Pilat are a must for the retina.
Finally, if you are looking for a moment of relaxation, far from the routine and frenzy of everyday life, the Vézère valley or the Monts d’Ambazac will satisfy your need to return to simplicity and contact with nature.

Like an air of vacation

New Aquitaine is also the beach, the fine sand and the seaside towns.
Among the unavoidable cities of this region, we will mention first of all on the Basque coast Biarritz, Bayonne (don’t forget to try the Basque pelota during your stay) or Hendaye and Hossegor for the surf lovers. A little higher up, a few kilometers from the beautiful city of Bordeaux, is the Arcachon basin. Finally, New Aquitaine is also home to its wonderful islands. The island of Ré and the island of Oléron are the most famous but the island of Aix and the less known island of Nôle are also not to be missed.

Diverse and varied activities

The Nouvelle-Aquitaine region is also a family and lively region.
It gathers an important choice of parks as in particular, the zoo of Palmyre, the valley of the monkeys, the ornithological reserve of Teich but also the island with the birds accessible aboard the Pinasse, the famous typical boat of the basin of Arcachon.
For those who like more lively activities, New Aquitaine is not left out!
It hosts the Walibi park in the southwest, the Futuroscope park but also the mythical Fort Boyard off La Rochelle.

We couldn’t talk about activities without talking about the unavoidable férias! The one in Bayonne, Dax or Mont de Marsan.
We leave on a wine note, it is possible to discover many vineyards in the Bordeaux vineyards. Five circuits are available from Bordeaux.

I hope that the diversity of New Aquitaine has seduced you and that you will enjoy discovering it. See you soon for the sixth stage of our regiontrip!

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Brittany, a land of a thousand stories

Fourth step of our Régiontrip: Brittany!
I have to be honest with you, having grown up between Brittany and Mayenne, I am not at all impartial about this region! I assume it completely!
I hope this article will make you love Brittany as much as I do.

Its natural wonders

We don’t have to introduce you anymore, Brittany has some outstanding landscapes. One thinks in particular of its pink granite coast in the Côtes-d’Armor. This sumptuous coast is also visible at the Cap d’Erquy which is all the better preserved as the access is only done on foot.
For the amateurs of point of view, Brittany will know how to seduce you. The Pointe du Raz will give you the impression to be at the end of the world. It is located at the very end of Finistère on the Cap Sizun. From there you will have a breathtaking view on the immensity of the Ocean and on the lacy cliffs of the Breton coast. You should also absolutely go to the Pointe du Grouin (not a very common name but don’t hold it against it, you won’t be disappointed!). The Cap Fréhel will offer you a breathtaking view on the islands of Jersey, Bréhal and the Contentin. The Pointe de Pen-al-Lann will offer you a view on the Morbihan coast.

Brittany also has a number of islands, each more beautiful than the other. If you have the time and the opportunity, I really advise you to visit them.
The island of Bréhat in spring is absolutely sublime. Saint Cado will be your favorite at sunset, I take the risk to promise you that. Belle ile en Mer also has a lot to offer, including many viewpoints. I recommend the one of the Pointe des Poulains. It also has a very nice marina. But my favorite place for ever, the one I really want to share with you is the Glénan Archipelago. It is like being in Polynesia. The water is also turquoise! The archipelago is one hour away from the coast by boat and different departures from different cities are possible.

Its magic

The Breton lands are particularly known for their mythical legends. If you are a fan of these stories then you are in the right place! Lose yourself in the forest of Broceliande for the best experience. You will discover all the legends about Merlin and King Arthur. There is a whole trail to see the Grail Church and the Valley of No Return but also Merlin’s tomb and many other secrets that I’ll let you discover for yourself.
In your quest for legend, you will also have to stop at the Monts d’Arrée: this place would contain the doors of the beyond Yeun Ellez in Breton. As well as at the Cairn of Barnenez: building of more than 3000 stones located on the peninsula of Kernéléhen. Very beautiful point of view on the cove of Térénez and the bay of Morlaix.
Finally, for your quest to be complete, you must take the time to discover the Menhirs of Carnac. They can be seen in the south of Morbihan and number about 3000. You will find this strange phenomenon on the peninsula of Crozon with the alignment of Lagatjar.

Its legendary gastronomy

Who has never tasted real, delicious salted butter caramel on a warm pancake? If you are about to answer “me” I assure you that it is the first thing you must do after reading this article! And even if you are, between you and me, I also advise you to taste everything else. Far Breton, Kouign-amann or Andouille de Guémené or Vire. I assure you, it will be a real revelation. Don’t forget, drink some cider in the middle of all this.

Its unusual architecture

Brittany has a large number of wonderfully preserved towns and villages. For the sake of length for this article I will only mention a few of them but I really advise you to go and discover them all.
Saint-Malo remains a must-see. The walks on its ramparts and in its paved streets are very pleasant. At low tide it will be possible to visit the Ile du grand Bé and the petit Bé. Dinan should also be on your list. It is a fortified city with very well preserved half-timbered houses. And in the same spirit we advise you Locronan. Cancale for oyster lovers with its huge oyster farm or Concarneau and its very large fishing port are nice to discover. Morlaix and Quimper are worth seeing, especially for the particularity of their houses. Vannes and Rennes also have a lot to offer, I hope you will take the time to discover them.
For those who want to get away from the tourist rush, we recommend Rochefort en terre. More discreet but very picturesque.
Finally I would like to mention Dinard and Paimpol. Two seaside resorts very appreciated and rich in history.

Our tour of Brittany is coming to an end, I hope you enjoyed reading the article as much as I enjoyed writing it. Brittany still holds many secrets and I hope you will go and discover them.

Don’t forget to update your booklet and add all the places that you think are must-sees.

Exceptional discoveries often come from the least known places.

The wonderful Corsica

New destination of our Régiontrip: Corsica!

I would be lying if I didn’t admit that we had to think a lot while writing this article.

There are so many things to say that we had to make a choice about the places we chose to write about.

Corsica, a paradisiacal archipelago off the Mediterranean coast.

Very popular with tourists, this region is full of natural wonders and authenticity.
Corsica has nothing to envy to the metropolis, quite the contrary! Its breathtaking landscapes, its typical gastronomy and its picturesque villages have finished making its reputation a tourist culture.

All the big known cities of Corsica, namely : Ajaccio, Bastia, Porto-Vecchio or Bonifacio have a lot to offer. I recommend you to go there as soon as you can!

However I made the choice in this article to speak to you rather about the natural aspect of the territory.

Its exhilarating nature

Its paradisiacal water points:

First of all, it is no secret, we think directly of its heavenly beaches located all along the coast: The beach of Marinella near Ajaccio, the beach Palombaggia in Porto-Vecchio or the beach of Arinella and the creek of Ficaghjola in Bastia.
There are also natural freshwater pools like the Cavu valley, the waterfall of Piscia di Gallu in the forest of Ospedale. It is the biggest waterfall of Corsica, take the time to discover it. The forest of Aitone in the Gulf of Porto is also a Corsican must-see.

Its remarkable hikes :

There is no lack of hikes in Corsica!

Among the most famous is the GR20 which crosses Corsica from north to south. And its little brother, the Mare a Mare path which crosses Corsica from East to West.
The customs path : Its beginning is in Macinaggio, a hamlet totally removed from mass tourism. It is a 3-hour hike from the beach of Macinaggio to the village of Barcaggio. Perfect to immerse yourself in the local culture.
The Restonica gorges : Unavoidable hike, departure from the Grotelle sheepfold. We meet the Melo Lake at 1711 m of altitude and the Capitello Lake at 1930 m.
In Bastia, with the assistance of a local guide, it is possible to do the Terra Nova and Terra Vecchia hikes that will take you further inland.

Its breathtaking views

If views are what you love then you’ve come to the right place. I’ve put together a list of my favorite viewpoints.

The Pointe de la Parata, perfect location for a great view on the bloody islands.
The path of the Col st Roch offers a very nice view on the cliffs.
The forest of Ospedale which offers a view on Porto-Vecchio.
The Revellata and Notre Dame de la Serra wild peninsula where you can walk around and enjoy the most beautiful view of the bay of Calvi.

Its picturesque villages

Corsica is particularly known for its small stone villages perched on the heights.

In our selection we find Sartene, Cargèse, Ota or Corte. Nicknamed the sentinel of the island. Nonza, a small village hidden on the tip of the Corsican Cape, is recommended for its restaurant “La Sassa” and its black pebble beach. Finally, for heritage lovers, you can also do the circuit of the villages of Balagne.

Places not to be missed

Here again it is impossible to list all the possibilities. So I entrust you my preferences.

The Gulf of Porto with its city of the same name and its magnificent underwater landscape.

Rich in paradisiacal places, there are also the Calanques of Piana and their viewpoints.

The natural reserve of Scandola : accessible only by boat and preserved from mass tourism.
The seabed with : The peninsula of Revellata. The wreck of the B-17 bomber near Calvi. The Cathedrals, towards Ajaccio. The circus of Marifaja and Merouville, in the natural reserve of the Lavezzi islands.
The Agriates desert: Wild territory with possible hikes that lead straight to natural beaches.
L’Ile-Rousse : Small island in the heart of the Gulf. It contains a center and an authentic market surmounted by its visitable tower. A very beautiful point of view is at the level of the lighthouse of the island. Particularly at sunset!

Its authentic food

The brocciu, a cheese of ewe or goat. The figatellu, the lonzu, pork-based delicatessen. The fiadone, a traditional Corsican dessert: a brocciu flan flavored with lemon zest. Pietra, the famous Corsican beer. The pulenta, the Corsican chestnut flour. And finally the canistrelli, dry cookies with lemon, anise, hazelnuts. Admit it, just reading it makes your mouth water!
We will add to that the wine road. And in particular the city of Saint-Florent with its vineyard of Patrimonio and its Corsican wine the oldest AOC of the island.

I hope that this escapade allowed you to appreciate all the natural wonders of Corsica.
My little advice to finish: consider several stays in Corsica because when you start you always want to see more.

Don’t forget to update   your booklet and to add all the points which could miss. In particular, unusual places known only to the locals!

Authenticity is the most beautiful discovery.

Let's discover the Occitania

We start today a series of articles rather nice and fun, I announce, drum roll: a Régiontrip of France!
For our first step we’re going to Occitania!
Particularly known for its gastronomy, Occitania contains a diversity of landscapes, exceptional places, exciting activities and history. Let’s go together to discover all that this region has to offer.

Fortified towns and villages

We could not speak of Occitania without mentioning its numerous cities and villages that have remained fortified as in the Middle Ages.
Rocamadour in the Lot, Collioure in the Pyrénées-Orientales, Corde sur ciel in the Tarn and Ste Eulalie d’Olt in the Aveyron come to mind.

For those looking to explore the big cities, we will mention Toulouse in Haute-Garonne or Albi in the Tarn to the west and, closer to the sea, Aigues-Mortes and its saltworks in the Gard, Nîmes and Arles and their perfectly preserved arenas in the Gard and the Bouches du Rhône. Don’t forget to discover Montpellier and its beautiful Arc de Triomphe as well as its Saint-Pierre cathedral. Especially since you will be in the cradle of StyQR.

The historical wealth

Occitania is one of the most representative and conservative regions of our past. It is not surprising to come face to face with the Cathar castles or to visit the city of Carcassonne and its fortified ramparts. Remnants of man’s evolution in relation to hydraulics, the Pont du Gard and the Millau Viaduct are also visible in Occitania.

Outdoor activities

For nature lovers, we can say that Occitania is a paradise. Occitania contains all the landscapes that we can imagine. There are the mountains with the Pyrenees, the sea with the Mediterranean coast but not only, we also find a relatively present countryside side.

Numerous hiking and mountain biking trails are accessible and can lead to exceptional viewpoints such as the Pic du Midi, the Mont Canigou or the Cirque de Gavarnie in the Pyrenees. In the same spirit, it is possible to go canoeing in the middle of the Tarn or Aveyron gorges. For the more curious one can go and discover the underground secrets of the region by exploring the Gouffre de Padirac in the Lot department. Therefore, it is essential to recommend you  Cirkwi, the perfect guide for all your excursions.

Family activities

In spite of the historical and conservative aspect of the region, it gathers all the family activities that can gather young and old. Many zoological parks are present in the region. There are also leisure centers and water parks, especially around natural lakes. Perfect for a weather that always lends itself to it in summer. For space and astronomy enthusiasts, the Cité de l’Espace located in Toulouse will meet all your expectations. And while you’re in the pink city, you might as well stroll along the Canal du Midi for a few hours. Finally, the Jazz in Marciac festival is the right compromise to enjoy a beautiful summer evening.

Gastronomic activities

What would this article be if we didn’t talk about gastronomy? The region’s reputation is based on its gastronomy and even more so on its diversity. First of all, the markets are an integral part of the weekly activity of the region. Each city has its own day, but all have one. Among the most beautiful in Occitania, we can name the market of Cahors, Revel or the market of the market halls in Sète. Then it is a good idea to eat in a restaurant supplied by local producers. Traditional dishes based on duck such as duck breast or foie gras for the western side of the region when we will eat rather seafood such as the brasucade of mussels but also the famous fougasse with fritons on the eastern side!

Our tour of Occitania ends here. I hope that you have learned more about this beautiful region and all that it has to offer and that it has made you want to discover it yourself!

Of course, don’t forget to list all the activities you miss in your welcome booklet so that your visitors don’t miss out on an enjoyable experience.