Every rental company’s worst fear: unjustified negative feedback. After all the trouble you’ve gone through to welcome your guests and give them a great stay, it’s always hurtful. What’s more, apart from thepersonal attack, it lowers your overall rating and scares off future customers. Here we give you the keys to responding and reacting to a negative comment.

1. Contact the person

First rule: don ‘t delete the comment. It’s a common mistake, but one to be avoided.

First, try to understand what happened. Contact the person who left the comment and try to find common ground.

You normally have his contact details: e-mail, sms, calls, you can try anything. Be courteous and really try to listen and apologize. Discussion is often the key.

2. Reply to negative comment

Then, even if the person hasn’t yet responded to your solicitations, reply to the comment.

Explain the reasons for this comment if the rental went badly for you too, or show surprise if you don’t think the comment was justified.

Responding to negative comments is very important, as it shows that you’re listening to your customers.

3. Contact the platform

If your requests to get in touch don’t produce any results, and the comment you’ve left remains unanswered, you can contact the platform.

In this case, look up the customer service number and explain the situation in detail. Some platforms like Airbnb have pages dedicated to resolving this type of problem. They put renters and hosts in direct contact.

4. Call on your other hosts

You’ve tried everything: making contact, the platform, the comment… and the negative comment is still active, don’t panic.

Future customers will be able to see that you ‘ve replied by saying you don’t understand and that“despite numerous reminders, your host hasn’t been heard from again”. This may reassure them that this is an isolated comment.

But to be on the safe side, you can always contact your former hosts. Those for whom you remember everything went well and who didn’t leave any comments. Explain the situation to them and see if they’d be willing to help you raise your score by adding a good one.

5. Work on it beforehand

Often, a negative comment is due to a misunderstanding or an unresolved bad experience.

So, to prevent this type of comment, you can get in touch with your guests during their stay. Without being intrusive, don’t hesitate to ask them how their stay is going, if they need any help, or even better, if they’ve been able to try the restaurant you mentioned, etc…. It’s a pleasant way of making contact and showing that you’re there for them.

Have you ever had this type of problem? How did you solve it?