As a traveler, it’s always nice to receive a welcome gift when you arrive at your rental property. So whether you’re a guesthouse owner, B&B or vacation rental operator, you’re probably looking for a brilliant idea to set yourself apart from the competition and surprise your travelers!

Discover our best ideas for welcome gifts for your tenants!

Rely on greediness

1. A home-made dish

A bottle of wine? No, far too classic!
But why not cook up a tasty dish typical of your region? This will surely cost you less than a bottle, and will delight your tenants when they arrive at your rental on an empty stomach!

2. Seasonal products

Cold drinks (beer, rosé wine, soda) in summer, the necessary to prepare a good hot drink in winter… In fact, it’s simple: ask yourself what would please you the most once you have put your bags in the accommodation!

3. Products from your region

One of the best ways to showcase your region is to taste it! Cookies, jams, liqueurs, candies and even chocolates will be appreciated. Otherwise, soap, tea, a bouquet… Anything that illustrates your region and that you would like your guests to discover during their stay.

4. Personalized cookies

Finally, if you really want to make a statement and give something memorable, you can opt for personalized cookies. We really like those from Shanty. You can write a simple phrase like“welcome to your home“, or take it a step further with the first names of your guests!

Focus on a personal and helpful welcome

5. A nice greeting

Let’s not be too materialistic! A nice greeting to welcome your tenants can also have a great effect. Add a touch ofhumor and good humor for a successful welcome.

It’s also an opportunity for you to tell them what they need to know for their stay. The more modern will opt for a digital welcome booklet thanks to StyQR 😉

6. A complete welcome kit

So that your tenants don’t have to buy essentials in bulk, offer them a welcome kit containing all the products they need for their stay!

The good news is that La Boutique des Proprios has thought of everything, and has prepared some very complete kits for you!

What welcome gift do you give your tenants?

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