In 2018, there are still a lot of obsolete practices in thehotel industry that are friction points for customers, riskingtainting their satisfaction. For example, in some hotels, late arrivals are not allowed because the reception desk is closed and the customer cannot begreeted. On the other hand, thewait to check in at peak times can be interminable. Finally, communication can leave a lot to be desired when it comes to passing on information: the wifi code is written on a post-it note, there are stacks of flyers in the hotel lobby with activities to do…

However, the hotel industry is increasingly innovating to improve customer service with appropriate solutions. Here are a few practices that could revolutionize your methods!

Registration with

electronic kiosk

Once in your hotel, your guests areobliged to go to reception to check in (the famous check-in!). After a day’s travel, it’s a tedious but necessary moment for them to collect their room keys.

A number of concepts have been developed to address this issue, includingHotello andAriane. They have come up with electronic kiosks enabling guests to check-in and check-outthemselves in the hotel lobby. It’s an ingenious system that saves time for guests and hotel staff alike.

Several major hotel chains, such as Nomad Hotels, have decided to install these new kiosks. How it works is simple: customers scan a personal QR code sent by e-mail at the kiosk, enabling them to complete the administrative procedure and receive their key. And when you’re ready to leave, all you have to do is deposit the key in the dedicated terminal.

Online check-in

in advance

No more waiting at the hotel reception desk! You can now offer your customers the option of registering online. Comparable to airline services, your traveler will receive an e-mail two days before his or her stay to prepare for online check-in.

On the day of his arrival, he will receive a new message containing a map to the hotel, his room number and useful information for his stay. Once there, you can collect your key directly from the express check-in desk.

AccorHotel offers this service from its website. You can also set up a similar system by creating your own hotel website(see our article on the subject!).

the smartphone as

a room key

Put an end to lost and forgotten keys for your guests: the smartphone can now replace the key! With a simple click, your guests can access their room without having to go through reception. Everything is digital! Thanks to a mobile application accessible to all, your customers will be able to choose their room, check-in and check-out, and open their room door.

The Louvre Hotel group is already enabling its travelers to use this feature, tested on two establishments before being rolled out to all the group’s hotels, thanks to its freeHotelForYouapplication.

A digital welcome booklet

for the useful information

To replace the traditional paper binder (often obsolete and unattractive), the digital welcome booklet is your best asset for a quality welcome. Everything is designed to simplify thearrival and stay of your customers, with intuitive handling and a summary of all useful information. It tells your customers :

  • wifi code (simple copy/paste)
  • good addresses nearby useful numbers (reception, additional services, etc.)
  • practical information (reception and pool times, check-out times, etc.)
  • digicodes (access codes for parking lots, hotels, etc.)

Your guests can access the welcome booklet by scanning a QR code placed in an attractive photo frame with their smartphone. Aesthetically pleasing, it blends in perfectly with your hotel’s decor. Create your first welcome booklet free of charge.

Create your welcome booklet

Customer service is thekey to your establishment’s success. Satisfying your customers now meansusing new methods toimpress your travelers with your modernity and save time (for you and your customers). So gohotel 2.0!