Equip your rental for more bookings: tips

With the current crisis, some equipment that was not popular a few months ago, has become essential. So how to equip your rental? Here is a non-exhaustive list of some of the equipment you need to increase your bookings and make your guests’ stay more enjoyable.

1- Furnish your bedroom

A room is cosy, it’s the place where you rest after a good day of work or activity. It is the place where you put your suitcases when you arrive in a rental. Make sure it has everything you need: sheets, pillows and an extra comforter.

Some people (we know some!) can’t sleep without 2 pillows. It’s always good to have some extra. To buy them, take advantage of sales. Leave the comforter and pillows in their protections obtained at the time of purchase and store them in a visible place.

2- The bathroom

One of the first things you do after you’ve packed your bags is to freshen up, take a good shower and relax.

In order to facilitate the life and the arrival of your guests, do not hesitate to prepare them a toilet kit (toothbrush, shampoo, soaps…) and clean towels.

The little extra? The hair dryer at your disposal!

3-The living room

The most important thing? Especially in the current context, it is a good wifi connection.

The little extras : a television with access to streaming services, some books, magazines

If you rent in winter: a warm plaid and a few extra pillows for a “cocooning” spirit.

4- The kitchen

We won’t teach you anything here: a fridge, a microwave, dishes is the minimum if you can.

For even more small attentions you can add: a coffee machine, tea and a kettle, some frying pans to cook…

The attention that makes the difference? A recipe card with a typical dish from your region or a bottle of wine.

Do you have everything? That’s great! If not, don’t hesitate to invest a little. Put yourself in the guests’ shoes, “if I was going somewhere, what would I like to find? If you have any other equipment to suggest, we’d love to hear from you!

To know how to buy all this for less, it is here.