A complete bookletfor a perfect welcome

At StyQR we consider your time to be precious.
When you receive your traveller, focus on the essential: your welcome.

We help you with the rest with our digital welcome booklet.

10 modules are at your disposal to perfectly organise the information you want to give to your travellers.

A simple configuration in 3 steps and your booklet is ready to share!

Do you have foreign travellers? Don’t panic! The automatic translation button offers you a booklet in 8 languages

A simplesetup

Follow the guide to filling in your digital welcome booklet

Add your booklet info

Choose a title, a subtitle and put the address of the booklet.

You have several dwellings? Add a reference to better organise your booklets

Configure your modules

10 modules at your disposal. You activate the ones you want and put them in the order you want.

We invite you to fill in the info modules and around me, your travellers will thank you 😉

Customise your booklet to your image

Choose from our visual library or add your own design. From your background image, to the colours and your font.

Of course a nice picture always makes your booklet look better. If you need advice we will be happy to help you!

Discover themodules of the booklet

Your travellers get your WI-FI back in one click

Always useful for late arrivals

Share your valuable addresses with your travellers

Enhance your accommodation information with photos and documents (PDF, word)

Your travellers will arrive in the best conditions

With peace of mind your travellers will know what to do when they leave

With peace of mind your travellers will know what to do when they leave

Your traveller can arrive independently

The continuity of your physical reception in digital

Always nice to get feedback from your travellers

Add useful phone numbers for your travellers

A full rangeof additional services

In addition to your modules, you can customise your booklet and translate it into 8 languages.

If you are a professional, take advantage of our white label by adding your logo and contact information. Moreover, if you have several booklets, the duplication feature will delight you. A real time saver when setting up your hosting park!

Create your digital welcome booklet

Share iteffectively

Our booklet is a web application, so there is no need to download it from the IOS or Android stores.

To share it, you get in your space the URL of your booklet and you share it with your travellers by email or SMS for example.

You can also print a visual available in your space of a QR code, or make a custom poster in our shop, and put it in a photo frame that you place in your accommodation.

Create your digital welcome booklet

Beautiful visuals toembellish your QR code

We won’t lie, a QR code is not the prettiest thing ^^

We have created for you our shop to make QR codes more attractive and to make them fit perfectly in your decoration!

Come and discover our shop of visuals to integrate your QR code or make it custom by adding your own image. Our team will be reactive to create the visual you need 🔥

My QR code poster

Customer serviceat your service

We won’t leave you alone!

Our online chat 🐱 is here for you, so don’t hesitate to contact us. We usually answer in less than 5 min. If we don’t answer, leave your question and we will get back to you as soon as possible!

Moreover, you can use our tutorials whenever you want to help you in the configuration of your booklet