Digicode: the key to entering your home

Would you like an independent, secure entrance to your rental property? Try our digicode module.

Useful numbers: in case of trouble

A list of useful numbers is often necessary in your rental. Think of your travelers' safety and peace of mind by providing them with these…

Wifi: the first feature of our welcome booklet

Do you have a good wifi connection in your rental but are having trouble communicating access? Test our module!

How do you translate your welcome booklet?

Do you sometimes welcome foreign travelers? Discover our tips for translating your welcome booklet!

How to customize the look of your welcome booklet?

Impress your travelers with a welcome booklet that reflects your image. Find out how to personalize your welcome booklet.

Around you: the curious traveler module

Do you have lots of interesting things to do around your home? List and document them easily in our module!