Key exchange: MyLoby simplifies Airbnb key exchange!

Rental management Airbnb, it’s quite a job! While some people use concierge services to put up their property for rent and maintain them, the majority of Airbnb rental owners manage their own properties themselves. And beyond the maintenance of the rental, one of the most tedious tasks of Airbnb management is the key handover stage. We wanted to come back to it together in this article and explain to you how MyLoby revolutionizes key management for Airbnb owners!

Airbnb rental key management:

an ordeal for the owners!

If there is one thing that many Airbnb rental owners find painful to deal with on a daily basis, it is the issue of handover the keys.

Whether it is at the arrival of the vacationers or at their departure, the handing-over of keys often implies the presence of the owner to entrust then receive the set of keys. However, when they are prevented from doing so, some owners have to find ways to hand over their keys. This is how some Airbnb rental owners find themselves hiding their sets of keys under the doormat or the flower pots, thus putting their accommodation at risk. Fortunately for them, companies such as MyLoby are here to help !

MyLoby, an innovative start-up

that simplifies key management!

Indeed, MyLoby is revolutionary in the market of Airbnb seasonal rental. Developed around a mobile application and a network of relay points throughout France, MyLoby allows homeowners to avoid having to go to the property to hand over the keys to their Airbnb guests. How does it work? Thanks to an innovative guarding system whose complete process is described below.

Step 1: You download the MyLoby application
As a homeowner, you download the MyLoby application and subscribe to the service.

Step 2: find the nearest drop-off point to your Airbnb rental
So that your Airbnb guests don’t have to look for your keys too far away, you look for the nearest drop-off point. All you have to do is drop off your spare keys at this relay point and tell your guests that they have to download the MyLoby app to pick up your spare keys at this same relay point.

Step 3: Share the flashcode associated with your key set with your Airbnb hosts
They will then be able to authenticate themselves at the relay point and pick up your set of keys. The owner will then be notified of this authenticated pickup and will know that his key set has been picked up by his hosts. Note that the MyLoby relay is not a classic relay point, the shopkeeper takes the time to welcome and advise your guests during their stay. It’s a complete key delivery service!

How much

the service MyLoby cost?

Are you convinced of the usefulness of the MyLoby service to simplify your key delivery? You should know that the Myloby service is available from 3€ per month and per set of keys to Airbnb rental owners. However, if you are likely to receive a lot of Airbnb guests per month, you can turn to the MyLoby premium offer at 20€ per month and per set of keys, with an unlimited number of guests and key withdrawals. This makes it ideal for large Airbnb rental managers, but also for large families who are short on key sets, or if you hire a home cleaning company to maintain your apartment or Airbnb rental.

Either way, we highly recommend this MyLoby service. It’s really the ideal way to simplify your management and key delivery. And on top of that, it saves precious time, time you can spend on other activities, while staying informed in real time of the drop off or pick up of your keys in your MyLoby relay point.

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Airbnb Plus: a good way to boost your rentals

You have a rental property on Airbnb, but you are struggling to fill your réservations ? Yet an Airbnb program exists to help you boost your rental income! Did you know that it is possible to become a host Airbnb Plus ? This new program set up by the Airbnb platform is a simple and effective way to get more bookings and therefore generate more revenue.

Airbnb Plus,

What is it ?

You probably already know  Airbnb, THE marketplace that allows Internet users to find accommodation (studio, room, apartment, house) easily and anywhere in the world.

With attractive prices, Airbnb is today the best alternative to hotels. Just as travelers can find their happiness on this platform, owners can also register and offer their properties to earn money. The Airbnb platform is constantly improving the quality of its services so that they are suitable for all profiles of registrants.

Since 2018, Airbnb has unveiled its new “Super host” strategy. This strategy is based on the creation of two new accommodation lines: Airbnb Plus and Airbnb Luxury.

How to become

an Airbnb Plus host ?an Airbnb Plus host ?an Airbnb Plus host ?

It is possible to be part of the program Airbnb Plus provided that certain criteria are met:

The ad is for a room or an apartment with a bathroom
Your rating is greater than or equal to 4.8;
You must accept at least 95% of the reservation requests;
You have accepted all reservations in the past year;

Plus homes are homes that have been inspected by professionals. They meet a certain number of criteria (design, comfort, equipment, maintenance).

Learn more about Airbnb Plus

What are the advantages

of Airbnb Plus ?

Although Airbnb’s classic program is free, Airbnb Plus  is priced at $149 (one time per ad). This program allows you to stand out from the other listings on the platform, thus getting more visibility.

By choosing Airbnb Plus, you will be entitled to a badge to gain the trust of Internet users and excellent quality photos to highlight the specificities of your accommodation. The average price of Airbnb Plus accommodations is $250/night.

As you can see, this program allows you to boost your rentals and earn a lot of money! So what are you waiting for to become an Airbnb Plus host?

Pssst! To put all the chances on your side and improve your rating, consider creating a free your SryQR digital welcome booklet !

How do you translate your welcome booklet?

You rent (or exchange) your accommodation, you manage a hotel, a guest house, a campsite, and you sometimes welcome foreign travelers? This article is for you!

Foreign tourists, especially if they don’t speak the local language, can quickly feel helpless when faced with a lack of information in their native language.

It is therefore important to provide them with the appropriate information in their own language so that they can fully enjoy their stay!

Discover our tips for translating your welcome booklet into several languages.

How to translate the elements of

your StyQR welcome booklet ?

Start by creating your StyQR welcome booklet clic here.

The easiest way to do this is to first configure your entire booklet in French. Once the configuration is done, you will have to go to Premium

to access the translation features.

On the “Your booklets” page, click on the booklet to edit it.

On each text area, you can click on the “+” flag to add a translation language. In addition to French, 7 languages are available: English, German, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Portuguese and Russian.

You can then either write the translation yourself if you are comfortable in the language concerned, or click on “Generate an automatic translation” if you want us to do it for you!

Thus, the text areas to be translated are in :
– Booklet Info
– Wifi module (if you use a hotspot)
– Digicode Module
– Useful Numbers Module
– Practical Info Module
– Guestbook Module

All other elements of the booklet will be automatically translated.

How does it work

for your travelers

If you have an compte StyQR Premium

and your booklet has been translated, your travelers will access your welcome booklet directly in the default language of their web browser.

If their language has not been configured, then English will be the default language.

The basic elements of the booklet (interface, module names…) will be automatically translated, without requiring any action from you.

You want to test the translation of your booklet? To do so, change the default language of your phone (in Settings > General…) or of your web browser (Chrome, Safari…), then access your booklet through the URL link or the QR Code.

Now you have all the cards in hand to create your digital and multilingual welcome booklet!

It’s up to you 😉

Create your welcome booklet !

How to customize the look of your welcome booklet?

As you probably already know, “you only have one chance to make a good first impression”. So take care of your travelers’ welcome, from the very first minutes!

A welcome booklet is good.
A digital welcome booklet with StyQR is better!
A StyQR digital welcome booklet, customized to your image, is WAOUH!

Prepare your welcome booklet in advance, and customize it to your image: colors, background, fonts… Discover how to customize your StyQR digital welcome booklet.

How to customize

your welcom booklet ?

Start by creating your StyQR welcome booklet clic here.

Configure your booklet: fill in the information of the booklet (title, subtitle, address of the place). Choose and fill in the information of the modules of your choice (Wifi code, digicodes, good addresses, useful numbers…).

Once this is done, you will access the “Customization” tab. You will then be able to choose between many pre-established themes (nature, mountain, sea, forest, big cities…).

To access a customization (with your own image, colors and fonts of your choice), you must first validate your booklet.

In your administrator area, you should choose our formule Premium. You can then come back and edit your booklet to change its appearance.

The personalization


Edit your booklet, go to the Customization tab, then click on the “custom” symbol.

First choose your background: with a color or an image. If you choose an image, it must not exceed 750 Kb.

Then choose your fonts from the drop-down list.

Finally, select the colors of your choice. You can also play with the opacity of the colors.

Make sure that the elements of your booklet are well readable (colors, opacity…).

You will be able to see in real time the preview of the personalization of your booklet. If you want to test your booklet in real conditions, save your changes and access your booklet via the URL link or the QR Code with your smartphone.

Now you have all the cards in hand to create your own personalized digital welcome booklet!

It’s up to you 😉

Create you welcome booklet