Discover our Facebook group to help you

Because we want to help you, we have created a groupe Facebook open to all renters of vacation rentals. We give you many tips based on current events and are open to all topics of discussion. We show you!

1. What are we talking about in the group?

This group is intended to create a community of mutual aid for owners of vacation rentals (via Airbnb, HomeExchange, Booking, Abritel…).

We cover all the topics that can help you. You can ask any question you want. So, whether it’s from us or from the community, you’ll get an answer quickly.

Only a few posts are not allowed:
– Sharing rental ads
– Advertisements
– Contests
– Spam / Scams

2. Who can join the Facebook group?

Everybody! We just ask a few questions when you sign up to make sure that this group is of interest to you. Especially about the sites you use for your rental. Finally, your registration is not automatic, we have to validate it.

If you see that you are still not accepted after a few days, do not panic! Our team is always on the lookout to be as present as possible on the group.

3. Why is it interesting for you to join?

Because everyone can answer you! So you will have all kinds of feedback and you will also be in direct contact with many rental companies.

Also because we update our tips every week to adapt them to the current situation.

So you’re interested? I promise the content is interesting, no spam, only good advice!