That’s it, you’ve got your reservations for the month. But how do you keep your guests coming back? How to get good feedback from them following the booking. Here’s how superhosts can make it happen!

1. Keep your personal touch

For us, it’s crucial to offer a warm experience while preserving personal touches like family photos, because it’s this authenticity that many travelers are looking for.” Ludovic and Maxime, Paris, Île-de-France.

It’s important that travelers feel at home in a pleasant atmosphere. So don’t hesitate to leave the things that make your homecome alive. Guests will come back for the little details.

2. To trust

“We’re flexible with our travelers and bend over backwards to give them a memorable experience, and they repay us in kind! Recently, a couple gave me a plant that I found in the apartment when I was cleaning, and I was particularly touched by this little gesture. It’s important toestablish a relationship of trust; people are respectful when they feel respected.”

This relationship of trust will benefit you for a number of reasons: you’ ll have peace of mind during the rental period, and so will your guests; you’ll be able to count on them to give you a positive review, and you’ll have one more chance of them coming back! Who knows, thanks to them you might even become superhosts!

3. Cultivating a sense of service

I always try to make myself available to travelers without being intrusive. I like to make them feel at home, while guaranteeing them a total change of scenery thanks to the atypical setting of the barge. I’m always ready to listen to travelers and ensure mutual respect.“Boris, Rezé, Pays de la Loire.

Listening to your guests, being present without being intrusive, these are the keys to keeping them coming back or talking about you . The
little attentions
are the key to a successful stay.

And what do you do to delight your guests?