Do you rent a studio or two-bedroom apartment or house? If so, couples are your preferred clientele! But how best to meet their needs and expectations? From writing your ad towelcoming your travelers, here’s our advice on how to make the most of your chances!


their needs

You can’t put all travelling couples in the same box! Some simply want to spend time together, relax and unwind, while others are looking for fun, sport and activities. Some prefer to discover and visit the city, while others are passionate about the local gastronomy! Depending on the location of your accommodation and its ” ambience“, it will be more inclined to welcome a certain type of traveler. Be attentive to their needs and don’t hesitate to give them your advice and good addresses to make their stay a success! You can use your digital welcome booklet to do this.

How to encourage them to

book your accomodation ?

Love softens morals, but not demands! To attract couples to your home, you’ll need to win them over as soon as you create your rental ad. The features of your home, its equipment and photos are essential. You can specify in your ad that your accommodation is ideal for couples, and highlight certain features (a king-size bed, Jacuzzi, romantic decor…). Finally, don’t hesitate to read our article “Our tips for a successful ad“, which will help you write it.

Ad example

Little touches to

satisfy your travelers

Be considerate with your travelers and don’t hesitate to pass on your telephone number to prepare for the couple’s arrival. They may rent your Airbnb to celebrate a special occasion (wedding anniversary, Valentine’s Day…). You can offer them a special welcome or surprise them with a bouquet of flowers, chocolates, a bottle of wine or champagne. We’ve come up with a good address for you: La boutique des Proprios. This website offers a wide range of welcome kits to satisfy all your travellers!

So if couples are your main rental target, you can use these tips to encourage them to book your property. Once there, their satisfaction is also paramount. StyQR can help you achieve this with the digital welcome booklet. In just a few clicks, you can create a free welcome guide for your accommodation, with all the practical information you need (wifi code, specific features of the rental, good addresses nearby…). Your tenants will be able to access it easily by scanning a QR code placed in an attractive photo frame. They’ll be more independent, and so will you!

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