In constant competition with guest houses and rentals
hotels need to reinvent themselves in order to attract tourists. Today, StyQr has unearthed some must-follow trends for improving the customer experience in 2019. Whether you’re an independent hotel or a major hotel chain, you need to look ahead to the next few months of this new year, so that you can once again shine in your sector.

The customer


Communication, the basis of all relationships

To stand out from the crowd, you need to get closer to your community. Customers need to feel comfortable, at home and satisfied. There can be no distance. To do this, you can suggest sporting, cultural or artistic activities or events to be held in the hotel’s living areas or outside. Inform your future customers about the leisure activities available in your town. In addition, you can also use social networks, newsletters, applications, sms… Disseminate quality information, with unique content. Expand your business by raising awareness and developing theimage of your establishment, build customer loyalty and unite your teams around your history and values. The image you reflect will be a mirror of your identity.


Find your DNA and give it life. Create your own universe with your own graphic charter, colors, furniture style, decoration or even an atypical service. Draw on the history of your hotel’s creation . Be imaginative and rethink your employees’ uniforms, for example.

Local and

ecological authenticity

Gastronomic experience

A large majority of travelers choose hotels primarily for their food and gourmet guest experiences. Incorporate a chef’s dish, special to your hotel, into your menu. Give tourists a change of scenery by showcasing the culinary specialties of the country or region. Why not offer cooking classes for adults and children in the hotel restaurant? Not forgetting, of course, the use oforganic ingredients sourced from local farms. Finally, you can surprise your customers with
breakfast in bed

A commitment to the environment

In 2019, travelers are committed to becoming increasingly eco-responsible. By reducing your ecological footprint, you’ll not only attract more travelers, you’ ll also save a lot of money. Among the measures your guests will notice right away are eco-friendly toiletries, lights and air conditioning that turn off automatically when no one is in the room, and a towel reuse policy.



Interconnected devices

Have you ever heard of the “smart hostel“? It’s a system that aims to replace checking into a hotel, opening doors, changing lights, temperature and powering candles at the touch of a button (on your smartphone). So, in 2019, we’ll be seeing more and more connected rooms in hotels. Assuming that every employee and guest has a personal device, it will be easier to communicate with the hotel server and gain access to the room controllers.

The digital welcome booklet

In 2019, say goodbye to the paper welcome booklet, and go digital! StyQR will enable you to surprise your customers with the modernity of your methods, while providing them with all the practical information they need during their stay. No more incessant phone calls to reception, and no more forgotten information.

Create your digital welcome booklet
your digital welcome booklet, adding the information you need (wifi code, digicode, useful addresses, tips on operating appliances, useful numbers…). To access it, travelers scan the dedicated QR code. You can turn this QR code into a real decoration tool , for example, by placing it in a frame that perfectly matches your interior.

Create your booklet