Homerez : an intermediary for your rentals

Create in 2014, Homerez is Europe’s leading service provider for vacation rental owners. A real time-saver, Homerez helps them increase their rental income (by increasing the number of bookings) and accompanies them during the rental process, even guiding them in pricing by estimating market prices. As the offices are based in Paris, everything is managed from France. In particular, the company has created its own revenue management platform to optimize rates. With more than 6,000 active owners, Homerez has managed to raise 10 million euros. Discover the advantages of registering on this successful platform.

Your ad is broadcasted

on 20 international sites

Are you struggling to manage the multiple ads for your vacation rentals? Whether you have one or several properties for rent, it is true that putting ads online on different platforms can be a real headache. But no more worries ! Homerez   takes care of the management of your advertisement and its publication on more than 20 sites throughout the world thanks to their partnerships: AirbnbHomelidaysTripadvisorExpedia

Therefore, by becoming a member of Homerez you will gain on average 50% more bookings.

Say good bye

to language barrier

You may not speak English, Spanish, Chinese, Arabic or Russian? Homerez team is polyglot and has your back. She will respond to your international travelers in their own language and in the shortest possible time. Thus, several telephone calls are made for a better guarantee and a maximum conversion rate!

All your bookings

on one calendar

With each new reservation, you are obliged to update your availability on all your platforms. At present, Homerezallows you to synchronize everything on a single calendar from a single application. Practical, isn’t it?

A price of

optimal location

You may be new to rental property investment or simply unsure of how much to rent. You can consult our article can help you to fixe the price of your rental.

Otherwise, Homerez can do it for you by elaborating a detailed study of the geographical location of your accommodation, of the competition, and of the market conditions on the chosen period. Thus, you will maximize your future bookings for sure!

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