Subletting your home on Bnb platforms... how does it work?

You’re ready to go on vacation and your suitcase is packed. Your home will remain empty for a while… And what a shame to have to pay the rent anyway! Rental platforms (like AirbnbAbritelGuestToGuest…) are attracted to you, but you don’t know if you have the right to sublet your accommodation? Indeed, subletting is a complex subject and full of restrictions! In this article we explain how subletting works and give you tips on how to sublet without hassle.

What is

subletting ?

Subletting is defined as the reception of individuals in your home in exchange for a fee.

By paying for your accommodation, you become the manager: you define the rooms offered, the price and choose the tenants. Be careful, there are some subtleties. For example, the proposed rent cannot exceed the one you pay to your landlord. Indeed, by proposing a sublease you do not have all the choices. The law of July 6, 1989 reminds you: without the agreement of your landlord, subletting is forbidden!

Law of July 6, 1989


to sublet ?

In order to sublet legally, you must therefore obtain the agreement of your landlord. To do so, you must send him a written request, by registered mail, including the proposed rent. Do not take your request for granted! Indeed, the landlord has the right to refuse without justification. So be careful! To put all the chances on your side, you can propose to your landlord to share with him the income generated by the subletting (for example 20% of the amount).

Deciding to sublet without his agreement is at your own risk since you risk losing your accommodation without notice. And that’s not all: the subtenant also has a say. It is mandatory to send him the authorization of the landlord and a copy of the current lease. We strongly advise you to obtain the agreement of your landlord and to establish a sublease contract with him (amount, payment date, obligations, conditions of restitution, duration…). This is a necessary insurance because you are responsible for the sub-tenant and his actions.


to simplify

All these steps seem tedious? We understand you. Take a breath, we have solutions to help you leave with peace of mind: concierge services! They are specialized in short or long term rentals through the various platforms of Bnb rentals. Smartrenting and Hostnfly have a service adapted to sublets. And that’s not all! The real estate agency Century21 conclued an historical deal with Airbnb

to manage sublets. Remember, to offer your accommodation Airbnb in sublet it must be your main residence (occupied at least 8 months per year) and not exceed 120 days of subletting.

So, your landlord has given you permission to sublet your home? Great, you will be able to earn rental income while you are away! But where do you start to sublet your home? Discover our advice :