You’ve probably already seen one: QR codes have been everywhere for some time now. But what exactly is it and what is it used for? We’ll try to explain it to you through a concrete example.

1. Why use a QR code?

First of all: QR code = quick response. Simply put, it’s a two-dimensional barcode represented by a square of pixels. By scanning it, you can access a range of information in less than 3 seconds.

Its creation is fairly recent. Created in 1994 (in Japan), but only made public in 1999, it has been a great success in Asian countries. In Europe, it wasn’t until 2020 that we saw it flourish everywhere.

In France, its best-known use is now that of the
health pass
. But it can also be used to open a restaurant menu, pay for a meal, go to the cinema, rent a bike…

2. StyQR: a good example

you have access to a complete digital welcome booklet. Simply scan the QR code on arrival at a property and you’ll be able to :

  • Have the wifi code
  • The digicode
  • Emergency numbers
  • The owner’s good addresses

So, with a simple gesture, you’ll find everything you need for a pleasant stay. The owner is relieved of certain tasks, and you, the customer, save time.

The best part? The QR code can be customized and displayed anywhere (picture frame, candle, door, book…). One click and it’s all over!

There you go! Now QR codes hold no secrets for you! And if, by chance, we’ve inspired you to find out a little more about our digital welcome booklet, you can read this article, which will give you
more details