Simplified check in and check out: our new module

Performing a check in and check out is an important step in your rental. It protects both the renter and the landlord. The only drawback is that you usually have to be there or ask someone you trust to be there. Not always easy. That’s why we will add this module to our welcome booklet for mid May 2021!

1. How will the module work?

It’s really simple! Each module of our welcome booklet is designed to make your life easier.

Thus, you will just have to take pictures of all the rooms you want before the arrival of your guests. You will have a maximum of 5 photos per category (rooms).

It’s up to you to choose the photos you want to take! But we advise you to take pictures of all the fragile objects and/or those you particularly care about. This will be the first step, the realization of the photos.

Then, at the time of his departure, your host will only have to complete his part with the same photos in order to prove that he or she returns the rental in perfect condition. It will be an instant photo so no cheating, you will receive the photo of your accommodation at the moment. He or she will have to validate each category one by one and authenticate by sms. You will then receive a summary and a comparison with your photos.

What about damage? Let’s say that the coffee machine doesn’t work anymore (it can happen), your host will be able to indicate it in a separate part that you, renters, will find in your personal space. Easy, isn’t it?

2. Why you need the check in/check out module

First of all, for safety. To protect you from damages that could be caused or thefts (unfortunately it happens).

Secondly, for the convenience and autonomy. No more need to move to check on the spot. And for the tenant, no need to stress about not being ready on time for your visit. You will also show them that you trust them by not going to check it out yourself.

Finally, for health reasons! With the current crisis, it is important to find digital solutions to avoid contacts. What better way to do this than to send photos?

With the check in/check out module, the life of both parties will be more serene and fluid!

What about possible disputes: it will be up to the renter to put in his T&Cs a mention indicating that the check in and check out are done thanks to our module. We will opt for a validation of the check out by sms, it is the proof that it is indeed the host who realized it. Styqr will not be held responsible for any dispute.

Are you convinced? This module will make your life easier and will be a very good complement to the other modules of our welcome booklet. Do not hesitate to  contact our team if you need more information!