Tourist accommodation in France in 2021

How many tourist accommodations are there in France? And among them, how many hotels are there? Campsites? Who has been the most affected by the crisis of the covid? We will answer all these questions!

1. The numbers

There are a total of 29,313 tourist accommodations in France (in 2021). Among them :

  • Tourist hotels: 17,405
  • Campsites: 8,239
  • Tourist residences and similar accommodation: 2,386
  • Holiday villages and family homes: 962
  • Youth hostels, international holiday centres, sports centres: 321

Note the difference between a hotel, which is booked for a short stay, and a tourist residence, for longer stays.

2. Tourist accommodation and the covid crisis 19

At the hotel level, the drop in turnover is brutal (compared to 2019): minus 43%! However, the hotel industry in France is more resilient than its neighbours: 47% in the UK and 63% in Germany. Unsurprisingly, the hotels most affected are the luxury hotels, due to the lack of international customers.

However, leisure tourism has not fallen dramatically. Indeed, by postponing their trip to France, the French have increased their bookings in the mountains and on the coast. Rental prices have risen and houses with swimming pools have been snapped up during the summer!

If you want to know more about the subject, you can consult the numerous infographics of the ‘INSEE.

All these figures are impressive. Did you suspect such figures? If you are interested, here is an article on the Gîtes de France label that should please you.

The website of your hotel: indispensable!

A website

for what purpose?

Even if your hotel already has an online presence via booking sites like Booking or Tripadvisor, Having your own website is nevertheless essential for your establishment. Today, more than 80% of consumers do research online before making a purchase. It is the same for the reservation of their stays. So what are the advantages of having your own website, and how to take the step? Here is our advice.

Get bookings

at a lower cost

If your website has a reservation module, then you can get reservations at a lower cost (without the commission of the reservation site which is your usual intermediary). You will also be able to put forward promotional offers on your website when booking online, such as breakfast at 50% off.

Assert your

own identity

Your website will reflect your identity and your brand image. It will convey your positioning and your values. If you have a high-end hotel, reservation websites (which often have a very busy design) do not allow you to properly highlight your establishment. On the contrary, on your website, you have a lot of freedom to express yourself through your logo, your graphic charter (your colors and fonts) or your photos. You can then share your website on social networks and benefit from a greater visibility on the web through natural referencing (SEO).


practical information

Your website will also allow you to display a large number of photographs (for the most curious customers) or information. You will then reduce the uncertainty of your potential customers, thus inciting them to book their stay without hesitation. You will be able to publish the history of your establishment, the news of your hotel, the contact information and many other useful information for your customers.

Stand out !

Video presentation of your hotel or 360° guided tour: your website will allow you to stand out from your competitors by its design and originality. Present your most beautiful assets to your customers and use technology to highlight your establishment. Your potential customers will be able to project themselves and imagine staying in your establishment, a definite asset!

Take action !

So, you’ve finally decided to create your hotel’s website?
Good news, we have a great web designer to recommend to you: the design studio TREIZEMARS. From the creation of your visual identity (logo, graphic charter, UI design) to the creation of your website through the photos of your establishment, the team TREIZEMARS will provide you with the best services for your hotel.