The ad :

a rental essential

To rent out your home on Airbnb or other rental platforms, you need to create an advert. With a description and photos, it presents your property and allows your potential tenant to get a feel for it. A transparent and comprehensive ad will inspire your customers. So you’ll have a better chance of renting your property.

Your ad is crucial to targeting your travelers and setting you apart from the competition. So how do you create a successful ad? Here are our top tips!


to illustrate

The first look is the most important. For Airbnb, it’s mandatory to add at least one photo. However, we advise you to add more than that, at the risk of not attracting any customers. Your photos will keeptravelers interested, andencourage them to read on to the description.

If you’re feeling like a photographer, you can use your phone to take your own photos, using a wide-angle lens that gives you a 160° field of view (e.g. Pixter). Don’t neglect your rooms (bathrooms, living rooms…) and gardens, and highlight their special features.

In case you’re not inspired, Airbnb offers a professional photographer service. Conveniently, the price of this service will be deducted from your future rental income. Whatever your method, remember to clean and tidy up well before taking your photos, otherwise you risk making a “monumental flop”.

A precise


Your home has its own special features, and will appeal to specific customer profiles. Who are they? Our article “How to target and seduce your customers” will help you identify them.

Remember that the description complements the photos. It needs to be as complete as possible to guide the customer through the characteristics of the property. Does the property have a coffee machine? A Jacuzzi? To answer these questions, think about referencing appliances and equipment. Note their restrictions, too, so you don’t get disappointed: for example, if you indicate the existence of a swimming pool, specify whether it’s public or private.

Your ad should also contain a brief paragraph describing thelocation of the property and the local transport available. This will help your customers organize their arrival, departure and stay (shops, parking, nearest metro station…).

A nice


Your profile on the various platforms (such as Airbnb, GuestToGuest, Abritel…) completes your ad, and aims to present you with a photo and a description.

Be sincere and human, inspire confidence with smiling images and a personal description. Don’t talk professionally, just be accessible and welcoming.

Your profile is not intended for the direct purpose of renting your property, but it (re)assures the customer of your credibility. It is therefore strongly recommended that you certify your telephone number, e-mail address and identity card. Reviews also have a strong impact, so be sure to ask your tenants if they were satisfied with their stay and respond to their reviews to gain visibility.

Renting out your property can be a complicated business, with demanding customers. If you don’t update your ad or don’t present it properly, you’ll miss out on a number of rental opportunities.

But don’t panic! There are now BnB concierge services to simplify the management of your vacation rental. In addition to taking care of all aspects of your rental (client selection, key delivery, cleaning, linen, etc.), concierge agencies offer you an ad creation service with professional photography, and help you set the best price for your rental. For more information, we’ve deciphered the workings of two (super) concierge services – the choice is yours!