In the wake of the health crisis, more and more people are telecommuting. Whether it’s renting a house for a few weeks or staying in a hotel, this trend has no end in sight. So make the most of it and attract teleworkers to your home.

1. The offers

Above all, teleworkers want to work in a vacation environment. They want both the benefits of a vacation and to bring all their work home with them. So what can we do to relieve them?

For starters, you can offer a “package” with an excellent wifi connection, unlimited in-room coffee and why not an on-demand catering service delivered right to your door? The aim here is to make their lives easier! Here’s an example from
Barrières Hotels.
Or by
Mansart Hotel.

2. The furniture

Logically, the most important thing is to offer an office where your customers can work. The best thing would be to have a notebook, pen and coffee machine at your disposal.

If you already have all this in your rooms, put yourself in the customer’s shoes. What view would you like to have? And depending on the situation, you may have to change thereferral office. Should it be close to the bed or not? Ask yourself all the questions you can to find the right place for this desk. Why not add a plant or a touch of color?

If it’s impossible to have an office in the room, try to organize a warm coworking room, with coffee, food, a good wifi connection and, if possible, a nice view or lots of windows. Make sure you comply with the measures in force against covid-19.

Things to remember :

You need to create a pleasant, warm working atmosphere. And don’t forget that your customer won’t want to be disturbed while he’s working. So please make sure that the rooms are only made when he’s away. You can even ask your customers at breakfast what time they would like their room to be ready, to show them that you care.

Of course, don’t forget to offer an excellent wifi connection and to specify all the equipment you have on your website. Why not create a special section to attract even more people?

Have you noticed this new trend? Did you have to adapt or was everything already in place?

And where do you stand on the restoration front? If it helps, we’ve prepared a full article on the subject.
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