Slow tourism is the opposite of mass tourism. It’s an alternative type of tourism that encourages you to take your time for a change!

1. Take your time on vacation

Introduced in the 2000s, slow tourism is a way of discovering enchanting landscapes, immersing yourself in nature, and savoring the many pleasures of the table around numerous encounters.

It’s a slower form of tourism, where you take the time to enjoy your vacation without a hectic schedule. We decompress more easily and discover more about the world around us.

Here, we eat local and seasonal produce, we don’t take the car, preferring non-polluting transport, which takes away even more stress (petrol, parking…).

2. The benefits of slow tourism

The benefits of slow tourism are many, both for the planet and for people.

For holidaymakers, this type of tourism allows them to :

  • Take your time
  • De-stress
  • Regulate your internal clock
  • Meet new people and discover new cultures more intensely
  • Discover landscapes accessible only on foot, bike or horseback…

What’s more, as this type of tourism is based on a reduction in polluting travel and transport, it contributes to the fight for a cleaner planet. We often stay with local people, we buy locally, in short, we do what it takes to have a vacation with less impact, and it feels good!

We define slow tourism as disconnecting from the world in order to rediscover and enjoy it. Why not try this concept the next time you go on vacation?

And to make the most of your vacation, why not combine slow tourism with microadventure ?