A concierge service

for what purpose?

You want to rent your accommodation on the rental platforms between individuals but…

  • You don’t live on site and you need help to welcome travelers, to hand over the keys, to clean the house, to manage the linen…
  • You don’t want to bother with photos, writing the ad, paperwork…

We have the solution you need: call a specialized concierge.

Focus on


Today we present you Welkeys,a high-end concierge service that will help you effortlessly maximize your rental income.

Welkeys is a service dedicated to short-term apartment rentals. Their team is 100% connected and dedicated to their clients to offer them a tailored experience in unique properties in the heart of major cities.

Welkeys places technology at the heart of its development with :

  • the creation of a marketplace that connects owners and experienced concierges
  • the development of an income simulator accessible directly on the platform
  • the development of mobile applications and management software to enhance the experience of owners and the organization of concierge logistics throughout France.

Thus, Welkeys stands out from the competition by its technological edge: the team has developed the best tools to improve the experience of its clients and concierges.

Maximize your

incomes with Welkeys

Welkeys maximizes rental income with a team dedicated to developing a pricing strategy called Revenue Management. Their experts define the price per night for each apartment based on its type, location, events in the area and taking into account the seasonality. In this way, Welkeys can optimize the price per night throughout the year, achieving an average occupancy rate of 80%.

The property owner can easily monitor rental activity via their dashboard. They can view the calendar, the profile of travelers, and obtain monthly rental payments.

Finally, Welkeys offers clients a high level of service thanks to a personalized welcome, amenities (vanity, hotel slippers, etc.) and the promotion of the accommodation through the ad and photos.



Welkeys‘ services are already available in many large French cities (Paris, Marseille, Lille, Cannes, Aix-en-Provence, Lyon, Nice, Toulouse…).

Of course, these services have a cost. Welkeys offers two packages:

  • Welkeys Premium: an all-inclusive service, starting at 20% commission (all taxes included).
  • Welkeys Classic – à la carte: prices vary according to the services required.

To discover the complete price list, clic here!

So, convinced?

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