With so many listings on Airbnb, it can be hard to stand out from the crowd. Indeed, when a traveler is looking for a rental, he’s not going to spend hours on each page. What if the rental of his dreams was yours, but he missed out? To avoid this, here are our 6 tips!

1. Attracting attention

How? By producing quality photos that will make people want to move into your home. We’ve written a whole article on the subject.

The most important thing is to have photos that show your home at its best, showing all the rooms and “highlights” of your rental.

2. Look after your main image

It’s the first thing travelers will see of your home. So think about what you want to emphasize: the sea view? Nature? The gigantic salon?

3. Be responsive

The easiest way? Activate instant booking, especially at a time when vacations are all about the impulse effect.

Respond quickly to comments and messages by activating Airbnb notifications. Always keep one thing in mind: you’re competing with other rental companies, and if they respond faster than you, you’re out of luck.

4. Be competitive

We’re not asking you to undercut your prices, but to adapt to the competition. If a dream rental is too expensive, it can quickly be replaced by the second choice if the price difference is significant.

Keep abreast of market prices and those of your competitors, and adapt to the seasons and slower periods.

5. Use social networks

To increase your visibility and bookings, create a page on social networks. We especially recommend Instagram and Facebook.

The aim here is to share photos and“moments of life” in your rental. You’ll be able to add the Airbnb link to this page and reach more potential customers.

6. The last piece of advice: don't overdo it

Finally, there’s no need to oversell your rental. Say as much as you can about the things you think are important, but leave a few surprises for your travelers. Better to be surprised than the other way around!

If you follow all these tips, your ad should stand out from the rest, and your efforts will be rewarded! And if you’ve just created your ad, this article may be of interest to you.