We all have memories of sumptuous villas orapartments in our favorite films and TV series. The StyQR team has put together a small selection of our favorite accommodations.

1. The apartments

The first that springs to mind is obviously Monica ‘s apartment in


! With its open kitchen and huge purple wall. If only we could have such a big apartment and welcome all our friends!

In a much more luxurious style, we fell in love with Lily Van der Woodsen’s apartment.
Lily Van der Woodsen’s
in Gossip Girl. Voluptuousness, works of art and art of living are the watchwords!

And finally, how can I forget? Carrie Bradshaw ‘s crazy apartment and dressing room in Sex and the city ! A beautiful era.

2. Hotels

Admit it, you too immediately thought of Shining ! The hotel has become as iconic on the outside as it is on the inside. But we wouldn’t go in there for the world!

So this one’s for life! We can’t resist such a pretty hotel. If you haven’t yet seen the film Grand Budapest Hotel, we highly recommend it.

3. Villas

It’s not quite Christmas yet, but we had to think about
Mommy, I missed the plane
! The countless cult scenes and the acting of little Macaulay Culkin.

Because their couple was iconic and we have seen this film over and over again, the splendid home of
Mr & Mrs Smith
which they shamelessly destroy!

4. The unclassifiable

In our opinion, the saddest home of all! While Harry Potter ‘s family lives the good life in a cozy house, he finds himself in a closet under the stairs.

A setting that couldn’t be more cult! Bilbo Baggins ‘ house in
Lord of the Rings
. A cosy but tiny house, just like its owner. By the way, did you know that the hobbit village can be can be visited in New Zealand?

Finally, Bruce Willis ‘s unattractive but very futuristic home in the film The 5th Element. Functional but so impersonal!

What’s your favorite of all these homes? Which one has made the biggest impression on you? We’re still hesitating between Gossip Girl or Maman j’ai raté l’avion!

And if all this has made you want to redecorate, here are some
a few tips
to do it without breaking the bank!