Health regulations are changing regularly at the moment. So how can you reassure your customers so that they enjoy your wellness areas? We tell you all about it here.

1. Concerning layout

Sanitary rules are not just about cleaning, they can also have an impact on thelayout of a room .

Here, for example:

The waiting room should be arranged so that customers don’t bump into each other. Clear information on protective measures must be provided before and after guests arrive.

– The layout of the massage room must be organized so that disinfectable areasare set aside and nothing can be touched, especially door handles.

Unsurprisingly, you’ll also find the following rules:

Hydro-alcoholic gel and washbasins with soap must be accessible to customers.

– The premises must be thoroughly disinfected and the room ventilated before and after each massage, as well as at the end of the day. So you’ll need to limit the number of customers you have on a given day in order to achieve this turnover.

– Laundry must be washed at over 60°C in a long cycle.

2. Sanitary rules for staff and customers

You’ve known about the first rule for a long time now: wearing a mask is compulsory. It must be worn by staff AND clients throughout the session. Hand disinfection is also mandatory.

Other rules include :

– Body-to-body movements should be avoided, and head and face massages are forbidden. In cases where there is contact with the customer’s skin (for massages, for example), disposable gloves can be used.

– It’s important to make sure you have the customer’s contact details, and to ask to be notified in the event of subsequent symptoms.

Now you know everything! Applying these rules will give your customers confidence and prevent the virus from spreading. And if you want to change the look of your hotel, read our article on possible partnerships!