Since the health crisis,autonomous arrival has become increasingly popular! It already had the wind in its sails, but now it’s in high demand! We explain why.

1. What's involved?

You have two choices for offering your customers a stand-alone arrival:

Of course, we remember to change the code between each rental. To do this, you can use our digital welcome booklet, which takes care of everything in just a few clicks!

2. What are the advantages of an autonomous arrival?

There are many advantages, both for you and for your customer.

For you:

  • No need to travel to greet customers
  • No more delays
  • Stop making small talk without knowing when to stop

For them:

  • Greater vacation flexibility
  • Less stress (delays…)
  • A greater sense of trust (you leave them the keys to your home)

And if you really want to meet your customers, there’s nothing to stop you visiting them (and asking) a few hours or days later.

Are you ready to give it a try with your next customers? Don’t hesitate to share your experience with us in the comments section! And if you still want to welcome your customers in person, here’s
an article
that’s sure to please!