Since the health crisis, the self check-in is more and more in vogue! It was already popular, but now it’s in high demand! We explain why.

1. What does it involve?

You have two choices for offering your customers a self-supporting arrival:

  • Leave the keys in secure key box
  • Suggest a keypad for the entrance to your home

Of course, we remember to change the code between each rental. For this you can use our welcome digital booklet, it will be done in a few clicks!

2. What are the advantages of a self check-in?

There are many advantages for you and your client.

For you :

  • No more need to move to welcome customers
  • No more waiting in case of delay
  • No more making conversation without knowing when to stop

For them :

  • Greater flexibility in their holidays
  • Less stress (late arrivals, etc.)
  • A greater sense of trust (you leave them the keys to your home)

And if you really want to meet your guests, there is nothing to stop you from coming to see them (by asking them) a few hours or days later.


Are you ready to try it out with your next guests? Don’t hesitate to tell us about your experience in comments! And if you still want to welcome your customers in person, here are an article that should please you!