For a hotel, making partnerships has two main advantages : saving some money and getting a unique decoration. Indeed, having partnerships can allow you to regularly change a lot of things in your hotel. So go for it !

1. For your hall and restaurant

One of the first things you look at when you arrive at a hotel is the reception. In general, we like to see a beautiful bouquet with seasonal flowers. So one of the first partnerships to negotiate could be with an eco-responsible florist or some independent florists who produce their own flowers.

Then comes the decoration : paintings, mirrors… For this, approach young artists whose style fits with your hotel.

Finally, think local for your restaurant service. For example, why not work with a local beekeeper ? Or that new brand that makes jams with local fruit ? You could offer their products for tasting, showcase all that your region has to offer and why not sell them in a shop adjoining the hotel and take a small percentage?

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2. In the rooms

There are many possibilities for partnerships in the rooms!

Let’s start room by room:

In the bathroom : toiletries and towels for example. Many brands have already embarked on this adventure, such as Acqua di Parma. For towels, you can offer French linen such as Bonsoir, which is very popular on the networks.

In the bedroom: here again, you have many possibilities. For the mattress, think of young brands such as Tediber, and for sheets, once again Bonsoir or Lin des Vosges.

For decoration, you can offer paintings in partnership with a young artist from your area. You exhibit the paintings which can then be sold. This way, you can change your decoration regularly! You can also use the idea of the florist for dried flowers (very fashionable at the moment).

3. Setting up these partnerships

Now that you have identified the different partnerships and partners you want to approach, think about how best to approach them.

To do this, you need an implementation strategy to make your proposal more attractive to brands.

First, prepare some key figures : room occupancy, star ratings, number and type of guests, average guest spend…

Then, how do you put them in place ? For exhibiting artists, it could be a discreet note under the painting with the name of the artist and the price. For the bed, a nice frame near the bed saying “this mattress/bed is offered in partnership with…”. For the toiletries you can also make a small box with a nice label “products offered by the brand…”.

The little extra ? Put the name of all these brands on your website and present them on your social networks.

Have you ever tried to make partnerships ? What do you think about it?

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