Making your hotel even more attractive requires creative thinking to find the right furniture that combines comfort, quality and aesthetics, while fitting in with your hotel’s storytelling. Furniture is the best tool for improving your hotel’s image. In this article, you’ll find a few tips to help you choose the right one.

Decoration, an element that confirms your identity

Defining a hotel’s style is a long process of reflection, preceded by a wellspring ofinspiration. It can be sent anywhere, at any time, under any circumstances. So don’t hesitate to keep an eye on the most fashionable establishments. Also visit trade shows focusing on the latest furnishing trends. An easy way to spot trends is to look on

Every detail is important! Consider matching your furniture to your hotel’s major theme: classic, traditional, romantic… Play with materials, shapes and colors to create an atmosphere all your own.

Your entrance sets the tone for everything that follows, so don’t neglect it. Set the tone for your interior with the decorating choices you make for your exterior.

Less is more: embrace the minimalist spirit

The minimalist style reached its peak in the 60s. A trend inaesthetics and interior design that aims to reduce materials to a minimum. To bring this minimalist touch to your hotel, avoid garish colors and opt for neutral tones such as gray, beige, white or midnight blue.

In addition, your real estate should be uncluttered and discreet. Minimalism is above all a style that blends objects with their surroundings. Shun heaviness and extravagance and leave room for discretion in your storage.

When it comes to materials, choose raw materials such as glass or lacquered wood. However, you can add more character by playing with textures.

Comfort and biofeeling

Beyond aesthetics, your furniture must offer comfort, ease of maintenance and practicality… Avoid overly imposing furniture in confined spaces; your décor shouldn’t slow down your staff as they move around.

Think about designing your café and restaurant in a cosy way, so that customers can relax and take time for themselves.

Biofeeling is a movement that believes that shapes and environments have a direct impact on emotions. So, to preserve your guests’ peace and quiet, design rooms with geometrically defined lines, soft armchairs and a warm ambience.

What about you? Where do you get your inspiration to furnish your home? Do you do it yourself or do you call a professional?