Top 5 online printers

You have chosen your beautiful poster for your accommodation and now the question is: where to print it?

Because you don’t necessarily want to use your home printer or you have a lot of questions about the quality of the print…

This top 5 online printers is here to help you! 😁
Plus to save you time, and yes we love that at StyQR 🔥, we have simulated a typical order on each of the sites and transcribed them for you in terms of sizes, prices and different types of paper. They’re all great and easy to use and we’ve saved our favourite for last 😉

Top 5 online printers

1. Online Printers

Let’s start with Online Printers, this site is clearly made for quick information finding! 😁
Just one click in the search bar and hop, the product page is displayed with the products illustrated and already sorted!
By the way, you will see the choice of your format will be a piece of cake.

Regarding the printing, you can choose the paper weight: 100g, 115g or 135g and the number of prints. Please note that there is a minimum of 10 prints to be able to order.

Online Printers offers 3 delivery times: 3 working days (no extra charge), 2 working days (€11.16 charge) or express printing, where you will receive your order on the same day as your order, but this involves a €25.76 charge. It’s up to you! 😁

As you know, our posters are available in A3, A4 or A5.
So quick info, Online Printers allows you to choose an A3 or A4 format but does not offer our latest one, the A5 format. However, you can order your poster in A5 format in the “flyers” category. The quality is different, but it will look good under a frame. Please avoid the glossy effect, as it will be more difficult to scan a QR code.

Order simulation

Here, we have taken 100g/m2 of coated paper with a glossy quality, without folding, taking the data verification and a basic production time (3.4 working days), so as not to add extra costs.

  • A3: for 10 prints (minimum quantity for A3) = €43.09
  • A4: for 10 prints (minimum quantity for A4) = €49.90

And for the A5 format, we have selected 135g coated paper with a production time of 3 working days:

  • A5: for 25 prints = €31.50

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2. Vistaprint

You probably know one of her commercials like the one at the water’s edge, where the burger bar gets attacked by fish 😅 and we see at the end that the young entrepreneur uses Vistaprint to print her new materials in the sushi bar concept.

Well, you can print your beautiful posters there too! If you are new to online printing you can have peace of mind with Vistaprint 😉
You are accompanied from the download of your poster to the validation of the basket, step by step. In addition, they check with you if the document has been validated by a graphic designer.
So yes, they only make A3 posters but you know the trick, go to “flyers” and you can print your posters in A4 or A5 format!

Note that you will have a minimum of 25 quantities but don’t panic, you can always give some to your travellers if the family is large 😉
And if you want to order a larger quantity, just click on “here”, you will be taken to a quote request form.

Personally, we think it’s good value for money. Not only do they offer a wide choice of weights: economy 130g, standard 170g, superior 250-300g or premium 400g, but they also offer very attractive prices! Take a look at our order simulation, you’ll be happy 😉

Order simulation

We have tested for you an order for each format with an economical weight and a standard paper type, take a look at their nice price!

  • A3: 1 print = 5,84€ (€)
  • A5: 25 prints = €16.79
  • A4: 25 prints = €31.45

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3. Veoprint

Let’s move on to Veoprint.

This is THE 100% professional website!

When it comes to advice and information, Veoprint is the one that stands out!

If you are not sure about the weight and format of your poster, Veoprint has taken care to explain everything to you so that you can get the print you want and under what conditions you should choose a certain type of paper and a certain format.

Let’s talk about the purchasing process, the first thing we ask you is the type of format. Here you will only have A4 and A3 in the “poster” category, but there is nothing to stop you from selecting “flyer” printing, as at Vistaprint or Online Printers, to order an A5 format.

Yes, you will have a minimum of 100 prints but use them if the family is large or if you want to present them to future clients! 😄

Order simulation

On these simulations, we have ticked the recommended option “electronic proofing” at 9,90€ with the handling fee.

For 100 A4 prints (minimum quantity):

  • With economy delivery: 49,20€.
  • Fast delivery: €66
  • Or priority delivery: 102€.

On the A3 side, we looked at 5 prints (minimum quantity):

  • With economy delivery: 33,60€ or
  • Fast delivery: 34,80
  • Or priority delivery: Request a quote

Finally, for the A5 format in the flyers category, we simulated an order for 100 prints (minimum quantity):

  • With economy delivery: 31,20€ or
  • Fast delivery: 52,68€ or
  • Or priority delivery: 75,48€.

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4. Ooprint

The second to last on the list, Ooprint, works differently from the others. To order you have to create an account or log in, that’s its distinctive feature 😉
The cool thing is that you can choose a small quantity of prints at a good price!

So yes, in the “posters” category they only do A3 but you can print in A4 and A5 by choosing the “flyers” category.
Exactly like Online Printers, where you are advised to print your posters in this category when there are not all the sizes available in “posters” 😉

Clearly, their ordering system is super simple!
Step 1, choose the format.
Step 2, upload the poster and select the print quantity. Little info, if you want a specific quantity that is not in the list, click on “?” next to the number and you will get a phone number of a consultant.
Step 3, and to finish you just have to choose your weight!

Order simulation

So that you have all the information, we have made a test order for each format:

  • A3: 1 print = €7.20
  • A5: 25 prints = €23.88
  • A4: 25 prints = 34,68€.

Discover Ooprint

5. Copytop

We’ve finally arrived at our favourite! You might be wondering why this is our favourite site, well simply because it does everything in one! 🔥

It is ergonomic, and offers all print formats at very attractive prices. 🤩 Here, no need to type “posters” in the search bar, it already has its tab 😉

And what’s even nicer is that Copytop offers free click and collect, a verification of your files with a free test print! 🚀

To print your poster, you just have to select the quantity you want, note that if you want less than 5 quantities, you’ll just have to request a quote online (it’s fast don’t worry 😁 ) or call Copytop directly.

And finally, you can choose the type of paper and leave a comment if you need 😉

So what do you think? Is this your favourite too?

Order simulation

And here’s the proof that Copytop is top of the line when it comes to price 😉

  • A3: 5 prints = €7.97
  • A5: 5 prints = €6.71
  • A4: 5 prints = €4.60

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Un QR code, une affiche et ensuite ?

Now that you have your poster in your hands, you don’t really want to stick it on the wall with tape. 😂
So to make it more professional and especially to show off your poster, we help you find a great frame!

We’ve done a top 5 photo frame article online, all you have to do is pick one and order THE perfect frame for your poster! 🤩

And if you want to embellish your accommodation with our posters, take a look at our website My QR Code Poster and see which poster would fit well with the design of your living room or your entrance!
You’ll see, you’re bound to find what you’re looking for, we have lots of different styles: series, films, landscapes, cities…

So let the magic of StyQR posters show your travellers that QR codes are beautiful and effective! 🔥

Discover the QR code posters

Top 5 online photo frames

We have selected for you the 5 best sites that offer online photo frames so that you can frame your beautiful posters 😉

You’ll see, they have all our formats in stock at low prices!

The 5 best online photo frames

1. Bgastore

With Bgastore you don’t have to look for the right size for your posters.
A3, A4 and A5 are just waiting for you!

We have tested the ordering process at Bgastore for you. Nothing complicated!

Order simulation

Simply select the colour, format and quantity and add to the basket.
You’ll see, it’s not very expensive but your posters will look great in these frames.

For example:

  • A3 black is €16.90
  • A5 teak is €12.90
  • A4 graphite is €12.90

Discover Bgastore

2. Etsy

On Etsy, all sizes of photo frames are available in different styles.

Once you are on the product “photo frames”, you just have to choose the colour of the frame (black, white, oak, silver or walnut), please note that prices vary according to the chosen colour.

Order simulation

Then, select the format (A3, A4 or A5), the quantity which goes from 1 to 813 and that’s it!
We tested ordering a photo frame in the 3 formats of our posters:

  • A3 white, its price is 11,95 €.
  • A4 oak, its price is 8,96 €.
  • A5 walnut, price €5.97

Discover Etsy

3. Ebay

On Ebay, all sizes are available!
It is very easy to use:
You just have to select the colour of your frame (white, black, oak or darkoak) and the size (A3, A4 or A5). Then select the quantity you want and it’s in the basket!

Order simulation

For example:

  • A3 black, the price is €11.33.
  • A4, white, the price is 9,18€.
  • A5 oak, the price is 6,31€.

The price is very attractive and the final result will make your beautiful posters stand out!

Discover Ebay

4. The poster shop

Do you know the Afficherie? It’s a site that offers superb photo frames in all our formats: A3, A4, and A5!

How to order a frame? It’s very easy! We explain 🙂
Select a frame, choose the size you want and add it to your basket!

Order simulation

And you can order as many frames as you want 🙂
Its prices vary according to the format:

  • A5 black, the price is 8,99€.
  • A4 black, the price is 13,49€.
  • A3 black, the price is 20,69€.

Discover the Poster Gallery

5. Skrin

You have probably already heard about it. (Maybe even in our newsletter 😉 ).
We admit it, it’s our little darling! It offers 100% customised faux leather holders with a wide choice of colours and styles. All in a top of the range display! We didn’t expect that much, did we? Well, they did it anyway, all to keep us happy!

Of course, A4, A3 and A5 sizes are available at Skrin!

To order your frame, nothing could be easier! You just have to contact them by phone or email. This way, you will get a real personal follow-up to create the frame of your dreams!
By the way, we have written an article about this subject, don’t hesitate to read it 😉

Discover Skrin

Make your QR codes even more GORGEOUS with StyQR posters!

Have you created your booklet yet?

So if you want to have your QR code with the background of your favourite film or your idyllic landscape, look no further!

Go directly to our website to order your poster!

Discover the QR code posters

Don’t hesitate to buy your frame at your local shop to avoid delivery costs and to favour local merchants. 🙂

The keys to the gîte, sharing above all

What is their concept ?

It is a platform dedicated to gites and B&Bs. It is both a mine of information and a place to create links.

Les clés du gîte provides you with tools specially designed for you by a network of professionals and enthusiasts:

  • A resource and expertise centre
  • A discussion forum
  • A new catalogue of partners
  • A directory of training organisations
  • A mapped directory of members

Their vision

Accompanying you is the main objective of “Les clés du gîte”!
They help you, B&Bs and gîtes, to better manage your establishment, to break the isolation, to share an experience, to collect precious advice…

Yes, you have all the keys in hand to become expert and, above all, fulfilled hosts ! 😁

It is with benevolence and good humour that the keys to the gîte make your life easier so that your tenants feel at home !
You can be sure that with the keys to the gîte, you will be able to exchange freely, inform yourself, find inspiration, and even pass on your good practices in turn ! 🙂

A platform and not only !

Do you dream of opening a gîte or a guest house ?
Then les clés du gîte is the platform you’re looking for, it will help you with your project and help you climb the ladder to success !
But les clés du gîte is also THE podcast not to be missed 😉

Every first Thursday of the month, a gîte or guest house manager can be interviewed for a short hour. The aim is to study the manager’s career path, his difficulties, his objectives, the obstacles he has encountered, and of course the successes he has had in making a living from his passion!

And every 3rd Thursday of the month, an expert shares his knowledge and practical advice, so that you have all the keys in hand 😉

Experts at your service

The team is here to save you time.

By offering you sorted, verified and validated information.

No more hours of research, the keys to the gîte are THE reference to help you develop your business ! 😉

Hotel stars in all their splendour

This is it, the hotel and tourism industry has taken a big step forward! 😁

Yes, today the hotel classification takes into account the digitalization of services such as: dematerialized check-in, internet access in all rooms and many more.

What are the new criteria?

Let’s start by looking at the new criteria that allow you to get the famous stars Atout France, the tourism development agency in France. ⭐

Please note the date of 1 April:

  • The generalisation of the QR code to make the accommodation’s welcome booklet available
  • The dematerialisation of check-in
  • Access to Wifi
  • A minimum of 3 food products from the short circuit when the establishment offers a catering service

  • The use of environmentally friendly cleaning products
  • The obligation to inform customers about soft mobility solutions near the resort
  • Training of staff on the 3 main topics of resource saving

How is the evaluation carried out?

To start your journey to the stars, you need to apply to Atout France for an assessment. Inspectors will come to your hotel to check your facilities.

For your information, the inspection is done by COFRAC (Comité Français d’Accréditation), an accredited firm that awards stars.

Concerning the 1 to 3 star hotels, no suspense! They will be informed of the inspectors’ visit 😉
As for 4 and 5 star hotels, it’s more delicate because they don’t know when the inspectors are going to come and play the role of ordinary guests in the hotel.

And remember that the stars have to be re-evaluated every 5 years, to see if they are still relevant. As we said above, it is up to you, the hotelier, to ask for it, otherwise you will unfortunately lose your precious stars…

The labels

As you probably know, labels are an integral part of the new criteria. A guarantee of quality to raise awareness or reassure your customers.

We are going to focus on two labels: the European Ecolabel and the Tourism & Handicap label.

As far as the European Ecolabel is concerned, you have to implement certain environmental measures to obtain it. 🌎🌱

For example:

  • Limiting energy and water consumption
  • Reduction of waste production
  • Use of renewable resources
  • Raising customer awareness of environmental preservation.

For the Tourism & Handicap label, you must offer a welcome and services adapted to the needs of people with disabilities.

Of course, you can consult a teleservice to find an establishment with the Tourism and Disability label.

All you have to do is implement these new criteria and you will have the stars to match your establishment! 🔥

Life, unusual hotels

Do you want to stay in an attractive, new-generation, budget hotel ? Then look no further, Life Hotels is for you! 😍

You’ll see, you’ll be able to feel free and use the place according to your desires!
Life combines hotels of course with an arty decoration, coworking and entertainment spaces, and on top of that a 24-hour catering service !

Its history

It was through the first containment that each member of the ValueState Hotels group was able to focus on the idea of founding Life. 🚀
Yes, at that point we were all at home either working or finding a new hobbit to discover.

From brainstorming to designing Life “Better than home”, these professionals and enthusiasts took time to think about the idea and its 4 pillars Sleep, Work, Arty & Play.

Of course, they thought of everything, the importance of digital and the preservation of the environment that they wanted to create a newgen brand, while remaining in line with the values that are increasingly carried by everyone.


Inside the accommodation, you will discover rooms with a design unique to each establishment.
Everything has been thought of so that you can have a wonderful stay, from the furnishings to the uncluttered decoration that will immerse you in the Life atmosphere. 😁

So as well as recharging your batteries in the best possible bedding, you also get to enjoy the chromecast ! Perfect for a chill evening in front of your favourite series.

You’ll see, you’ll immediately feel better than at home! 😊


Some of these rooms can be adapted to your needs to offer you a working space.
In addition, co-working is available, perfect for brainstorming with others, or to have a quiet place where you can work in peace. Everything is designed for ! 😄


In the Play rooms you will find everything you need to train.
Sports equipment and training videos specially produced for LIFE.
You’ll be in shape with these comprehensive sessions! 💪

If you are more interested in meeting and sharing places, you will be delighted to see the common areas.
Like a library, games and little surprises that members of the team will have made for you, are waiting for you ! 😁


In terms of design, all LIFE spaces have been designed by the architect MOHA.
From the breakfast room, through the warm space and the heart of a gourmet offer, to the centre of this alveolus…

Of course LIFE always preserves the environment, symbolic design in connection with the vital need to eat 😉

Key dates

Under the sun ☀️

In July 2021, Life hotels will open its first establishment in Marseille, in the heart of the Old Port. What could be better than spending a weekend in a place near the beach? 😎

In the centre of the wine region 🍷

See the Bordeaux train station ? Next to it is the second Life Hotels establishment which opened its doors in January 2022 ! Currently being renovated, it can’t wait to welcome you to discover its atypical universe. 😊

Who came up with this wonderful idea ?

Indeed, François Dubrule and Alexis Caude are the two entrepreneurs who founded the sendinblueValueState group in 2010 before subsequently creating the Life brand.

“Dear Lifeuses Lifeurs, Since my beginnings in the hotel business, supported by a demanding family environment, I have been keen to share my values. I hope that you will find them at LIFE because everything must flow during your stay. Work, play, rest or laugh, nothing should be missing! And all this in the best place in town… Life is cool”.

François Dubrule

Guest & Strategy: a great spirit of support

In a few words, what is Guest & Strategy?

Since March 2010, Guest & Strategy is one of the first agencies to have specialised in assisting project owners and owners of bed and breakfast and furnished accommodation. 🔥

Yes, they accompany these ambitious entrepreneurs, regardless of their status as defined by the tourism code. Whether they are classified as furnished tourist accommodation, hotels, campsites, guest houses, youth hostels or tourist residences.

Their expertise

Project feasibility study

This expertise is there to give emergence to the DNA of your tourism project.
This support will allow you to anticipate the birth and development of your activity on all levels 😁 positioning, legal status, financial investment, the activity forecast, the competition, the marketing and sales strategy with, of course, the retroplanning.

And there you have it, thanks to all this, it becomes the real guide to creation, the roadbook!
Follow it carefully to maximise your chances of success! 😉

Training courses

With Guest & Strategy, you will have the chance to follow individual training courses in direct interaction with the trainer. Not bad, eh ? 😁

In addition to doing one-to-one training, Guest & Strategy offers 100% remote and online training with their new Guest Learning tool coming soon !

This will allow you to become more professional in areas such as web marketing, website design, customer experience, feasibility studies and pricing strategies. 😊


Once the feasibility of the project is validated, it’s time to create your brand image !
Don’t worry, the Guest & Strategy team are more than used to accompanying entrepreneurs in the tourism field, listening to you of course and especially by your side. 😉

Whether it’s a website or business cards, Guest & Strategy takes care of it !


That’s it, you’ve validated the feasibility of your project and it’s time for you to get started ! 🚀
No stress, Guest & Strategy does not leave you totally in the wild, 😉 the team accompanies you in the management and coordination of your project in the “pre-opening” phase.

A double target

Tourism socio-professionals

Guest & Strategy assists tourism socio-professionals in the various phases of setting up or managing their business. 😊

Internal institutional actors

To guide and advise the internal institutional actors in the evolution of their relationship with these socio-professionals, by proposing new service offers adapted to their needs. 😉

With the key box, you have an easy life!

What is it?

In two words, the key box is the safe for your keys. 😎
It’s where you can be sure that the keys to your accommodation will be kept in a safe place.
Yes, you know exactly what we’re talking about, that safe well hidden in your room when you were a kid, where you put all your little secrets, your little coins and big bills, that no one but you could access… Well, there it is the same! 😁

Thanks to a code-protected lock, you can stop hiding your keys in the flower pot or under the doormat and put them safely without worries! 😉

boite à clés 1

The advantages of a key box

In addition to being convenient and secure, it has many advantages for your hosting keys:

  • Helps prevent key loss 👍
  • Limits the risk of key theft 💪
  • Accessible at any time 😄

How does it work?

It is usually attached to a wall outside with screws.

Once you have it installed, all you need to do is create a combination of at least a 4-digit code to increase the possibilities and limit forcing. 💪

And bang, you just have to communicate the code of the box to your tenants who will be able to retrieve the keys easily and access your accommodation 😉

Choosing a key box

The degree of security

And yes, the first thing we look at is the security of course!
Protecting your keys is the main goal, some models protect better than others, like all products 😉 and the little extra is that depending on the security level you choose, you will have even more resistance to forcing. 😁

boite à clés 2


Maybe your accommodation is located in a humid area where it is often cold, rainy, snowy…

So think about choosing your key box according to its waterproofness where it will resist to the weather and protect the content from rain water, snow… 🔥

Storage capacity

If you have multiple keys, you’ll need a box large enough to hold all your precious keys. 😁

Their storage capacity can be different depending on the model 😉


The price of a key box

They are easily found as in DIY stores, in stores specializing in the sale of security devices for homes, for example, safes or alarms, and of course, you always have the opportunity to order your key box on the internet. 🚀

Its price depends above all on the degree of security chosen, it can go from :

  • 10 to 15€ for an entry-level key box 😁
  • 20 to 30€ for a metal model, with a decorative shape and which can be equipped with a digicode 😉
  • 50 to more than 100€ for a secure key box that can hold more than 100 keys and is intended for professional use 😄

So, ready to keep your keys safe in a key box?


A region, culinary specialities! Discover them with Tipikk!

If you want to experience an authentic holiday by finding the typical products of a region to taste and take home, you will love the Tipikk concept!

Tipikk offers great food and good deals! Between tradition and modernity, you won’t be able to resist this culinary tour of France!

What do you dream of tasting? Brandade from Nîmes? Quenelles from Lyon? Tipikk allows you to find out more about our beautiful regions and their gastronomy.
And wherever you are, you will be able to find the craftsmen, shopkeepers, producers and restaurateurs directly on the site, to give you a taste 😉

How does it work?

It’s easy: go to and enter the name of the region you want in the search bar.
You will be able to find out about all its specialities. 😉
Tipikk filters your searches by category, where you can find the dishes/recipes and the different local products of the region.

So let’s say you’re in the Brittany region and you want to find out more about its specialities to impress your taste buds at dinner, no worries, Tipikk allows you to geolocate yourself and access the region’s traditional dishes!
Pretty simple and efficient when you’re hungry 😁

comment ça fonctionne

Why Tipikk?


Because thanks to Tipikk, you will be able to promote your products and their belonging to a territory, you will facilitate access to these specialities for everyone and you will be able to bring to life and revive the specialities of France’s territories. All of this, to obtain a global and rapid tool for the whole of France and all types of specialities!

We go with our eyes closed 😴

Tipikk will guide consumers to you with products that suit their tastes and expectations.

So if you are a restaurant owner, a producer or another point of sale, don’t hesitate to add your establishment, to present your products corresponding to the territory, it’s free! 😉


A dynamic tool just for you!

Now you have the opportunity to make your travellers want to visit France thanks to its dynamic tool 😉

Tipikk offers you this tool to promote a destination to travellers, to inform visitors of the traditional riches of the region. And above all, to present yourself as a true facilitator of “local consumption” and the local economic fabric.

Of course, it is free and customizable, you can have a URL link to your colours with the specialties of your region, so your travelers will have all the information they need about the region and its specialties!
You can put the link on your website or at the reception as a QR code!

Discover Tipikk

Shorter URLs are possible with Bitly!

What is Bitly?

In a few words, Bitly is a URL shortener. That is to say, it makes your links shorter allowing you to display and track the statistics of your links: the number of clicks and their proportions by country and by site.

To take full advantage of their services, all you have to do is create an account and you’ll have the number of clicks you need to open your passbook 😊

We put you the link below to access Bitly.

Create a Bitly account

Bitly links are good and practical!

You’ll tell me, I have a shortcut link ok… but what do I do with it?

We’ll give you several possibilities to use it 😊
– You send an email before your travellers arrive and you want to know how many of them clicked on the link in your booklet. Thanks to Bitly you will be able to! 🚀

– You want to make additional sales through the booklet, feel free to refer to your shop through Bitly links. This will give you your transformation rate between the number of clicks and the number of purchases made.

To highlight one or more partners, create Bitly links. This way you can give them the number of potential customers you sent them 😁

As a bonus we give you an example of welcome email you can make, it’s a gift for us 😄

“Hello dear travellers!

It is finally time to relax! Your stay in Biarritz is about to begin! We can’t wait to welcome you in the best way possible! You will find below all the information you need to make your stay a success:

First of all, here is the link to your digital booklet:

In this booklet you will find all the information you need to make your trip a success, both about the flat and everything you can do around it. We’ve tried to think of everything so that you have the best possible stay!

Do you want to bring back memories of the Basque Country? Do you want to do something exciting? Do you want to visit a cultural place? We offer all this in our shop, don’t hesitate to have a look at it :”

Skrin, the high quality leatherette supports

Skrin ?

Skrin, they are THE 100% personalised leatherette holders! They include, colour, materials and logo, specially designed to sublimate your information on a point of sale, and this everywhere in France! 🚀

In addition, you can have this same support for all your point of contact locations of your hotel. 😁
With just a print of your information, news, advertising, you can insert them into your Skrin holder in your image of course!

Skrin relies on the “sheathing” technology for its fabrications. This technology, which is specific to the luxury industry, allows us to offer modern and elegant supports that reflect the image of each of our customers!

As you will have understood, Plexiglas mounts are now out of fashion today, no more mounts lacking in quality!
Skrin is taking over with its supports that sublimate your information!🤩

Skrin, a high-end display

With Skrin, you can have a leatherette product, quality stitching and sheathing technology unique to the luxury industry, all in a high-end display. 🔥

With Skrin’s durable and customisable displays, you make a difference:
A large choice of colours
Adaptable formats (A4-A5-A6)
A variety of styles.
Customisation with your own logo.

POS / POP materials

At a point of sale, you may already have experienced this situation. Where it was tricky to showcase your offers, services and information in a harmonious way with a beautiful decoration.

With Skrin, you draw your customers attention in a flash 😉 to a product or offer while keeping your brand image! 😁

It’s easy, just print your information or advertisement in the right format and slip it into the window!
Plus you can have peace of mind 😇 Skrin’s materials are long-lasting.

Premium media

Skrin offers you to sublimate your information thanks to a leatherette of the “sheathing” technology specific to the luxury industry.

Have you ever seen the finish of the product? Its stitching fills the finish of the product which gives a modern and classy look. 😎

In addition, thanks to the glass inserted in the slot, you will have your information/advertising highlighted!


Once your model and format have been determined, it’s time to choose the imitation leather! Skrin offers you around fifty references with different textures and colours, so you’re sure to find something you like. 😁

As well as choosing your leatherette, you can choose the colour of the stitching. And for front or back only models, you can choose alcantara on the back.
The little extra is that you can enhance your brand image by integrating your printed logo on a leatherette tab that is glued to the backing, in the right place for. 😉