Forget gifts on arrival, now offer your customers gifts on departure. Thanks to him, they’ll leave happy. Let’s take a look at what you can offer as a parting gift.

1. Why a going-away present?

For rentals, we’re much more used to receiving a gift on arrival than on departure. And that’s the wholepoint! You’ll create a surprise, and the customer will remember you for a long time to come.

Departure gifts help your customers end their stay on a positive note. They’re leaving, yes, the vacations are over, but they have a present! So they leave with a smile.

2. Some gift ideas

To ensure that your customers leave your premises on a positive note, you can :

  • Offer a bouquet from your garden or in season
  • Homemade jams or compotes from your region are even better!
  • Local fruit and/or vegetables
  • A book about your region to bring back fond memories
  • A snack for their return journey
  • A personalized postcard
  • A tea towel embroidered with your region or location name
  • A notebook stamped with your name…

It’s up to you to fit your budget! Try to think of two things in particular:

  • Facilitate their return (food, for example)
  • Daily use at home to remind them of you

Now you have all the keys you need to give the perfect gift to your guests. And if you prefer to stick to the welcome gift, here are some
original ideas