No matter what type of accommodation you manage (hotel, camping, guest house, B&B, rental between individuals…), it is essential to focus your efforts on the satisfaction of your guests.

Indeed, a satisfied customer represents a lot of value for you: he will be able to book a stay in your accommodation again, but he will also be able to benefit to your reputation, either by word of mouth towards his direct entourage or through a much larger community thanks to Internet. More and more internet users are leaving their opinion after a stay, either via the booking platform they used, or via social networks or rating sites (Tripadvisor, Google…). It is therefore in your best interest to satisfy your customers as much as possible.

In this article, we will present you several tips to exceed your customers’ expectations and improve your reputation.

Looking for the effect


The key to customer satisfaction is to exceed your guests’ expectations. Look for the unexpected, the “wow” effect. This “wow” effect can be a small detail, but it will make your guests remember you for a long time and recommend you. You must then transform their stay into a real experience, in order to enchant the customer.

Our advices

To improve customer satisfaction, the first fundamental step is to reduce the number of dissatisfied customers, as these are the ones who have the most impact on your reputation.

“Consumers tell their peers twice as much about a negative experience as they do about a positive one” White House Office of Consumer Affairs

Pay attention to the

customers satisfaction

In order to improve the experience of your customers, it is obvious that you must be attentive to their satisfaction. You should therefore not hesitate to ask them questions when they leave to find out how their stay went, and also send them a satisfaction questionnaire by e-mail later on. If a customer is dissatisfied, you should try to understand the cause of the problem and implement means to solve this element, and you should not hesitate to offer compensation to the dissatisfied customer if necessary.

Beware of

the irritants

It is important to pay close attention to all the elements that could affect the quality of your services. For example, the cleanliness of the room, the proper functioning of the appliances. Don’t neglect details such as a leaky shower, a cracked wall, malfunctioning heating or air conditioning… Don’t leave anything to chance!

Your customer service must be impeccable

Your customers must be welcomed in good form: with efficiency and good humor. In case of problem, intervene quickly and propose alternative solutions.

The waouh effect :

our ideas

Si vous le pouvez, pensez à surclasser vos clients. Ils bénéficieront alors d’une chambre qui surpasse leurs attentes et se souviendront longtemps de leur expérience chez vous

Offrez des gourmandises à vos invités (par exemples quelques chocolat, des boissons, ou encore mieux : des produits locaux)

Offrez des services annexes gratuits (par exemple une navette pour l’aéroport ou pour un lieu touristique)

Fournissez à vos clients des équipements supplémentaires non indiqués lors de la réservation (par exemple des chaussons, peignoirs, échantillons de produits de beauté)

Proposez sur demande (à l’avance) la mise en place d’une ambiance romantique dans la chambre (fleurs, bougies…)

Soignez votre livret d’accueil : il vous permettra de faire une bonne première impression à vos clients, alors pourquoi ne pas en faire un effet waouh ?

The must


StyQR offers you to create your digital welcome booklet. In a few clicks, you can configure your digital welcome booklet in order to record all the necessary information: the wifi code, the digicode(s), practical information, useful numbers, or good addresses nearby. The design of your welcome booklet can be customized with your logo and your graphic charter (colors, fonts…).

Your customers will easily access your welcome booklet by scanning a QR code dedicated to you with their smartphone. This QR code is shaped to fit perfectly in your environment, for example in the form of a photo frame.

The digital welcome booklet will surprise your customers by its modernity and simplicity of use. It will facilitate the life of your customers; while adding a touch of decoration to their room.

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