Whether you are a hotel, a campsite, a guest house, an individual who rents out his house/apartment or any other accommodation system, the welcome booklet is an indispensable element to simplify your life and that of your travelers.

The welcome


Your welcome booklet will have several functions:

  • It will save time for the exchange of information with your guests by centralizing
    It will save time in exchanging information with your guests by centralizing all useful information (wifi operation, schedules, digicode…). For example, even today, many hotels continue to give the wifi code to each guest individually when they check in. With the welcome booklet, you will no longer have to resort to this practice, you will save time and you will save your customers.
  • Finally, the welcome booklet will reflect the image of your establishment. A well done welcome booklet will give a modern and professional image to your customers.
  • The welcome booklet also allows you to advise the customer and make his stay more pleasant. For example, you can suggest restaurants or activities to your customers. The customer experience is thus taken care of, allowing the improvement of your reputation and the development of customer loyalty.

Our advices

The welcome booklet will make a first impression on your travelers.
So it’s up to you to make sure that this first impression is a good one!

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