A brand new tourism label came into force on May 1, 2024. This is the “Destination d’Excellence” label. You’ve no doubt heard of the stars awarded to hotels or the famous blue flags fluttering in the breeze on clean beaches, but do you know the criteria for a destination to be recognized as a real tourist nugget? No ? We’ll tell you all about it in this article!

What is the Destination d'Excellence label?

The Destination d’Excellence label is awarded to destinations that not only offer an incomparable tourist experience, but are also committed to sustainable and responsible tourism. This label is a bit like the Golden Globe of the tourist world, but without the red carpet and endless speeches!

Conditions for obtaining the Label

1. A commitment to sustainable development

To earn this label, a destination must show its green credentials. This means that everything, from waste management to the preservation of natural areas, has to be thought through in an ecological way.

2. Impeccable service quality

Service quality is also a key feature of this label. A warm welcome, impeccable service and attention to detail are essential to making visitors feel like royalty.

3. A rich cultural offering

A good candidate for this label offers a cultural immersion that goes beyond clichéd souvenirs and touristy restaurants. We’re talking about real interaction with the local culture, where every visitor can feel a little more like a local and a little less like a foreigner.

4. Accessibility and convenience

Efficient public transport, infrastructure adapted to the needs of people with reduced mobility, and clear information available in several languages are a must. After all, excellence is also about accessibility!

Why aim for the Destination d'Excellence label?

Obtaining this label is not just a point of pride; it’s a real recognition that sets us apart. It also attracts more visitors and encourages sustainable practices within the local community. It is accessible to a wide range of tourism professionals, including restaurants, accommodation providers, activity and sightseeing sites, and transport companies. It’s a bit like getting a Michelin star, but for a whole place!

The application process

The application process is very precise. Destinations must first submit a detailed application, which will be assessed by a panel of experts. This file must include concrete evidence of commitments to sustainable development, quality of welcome, cultural offerings and accessibility. The label will be renewable every five years.

If you’re a local decision-maker or a player in the tourism industry, why not consider applying for this label? And what about you, dear travelers? For your next getaway, perhaps you’re looking for a destination with a seal of approval for a guaranteed experience of excellence?