We’ve all heard about that shelf full of flyers for touring the region, discovering a new museum or dining in a gourmet restaurant. How about freeing up some space and offering it all in a single digital booklet?

1. Why no more flyers

Have you ever found a flyer folded into 48 pieces in your pocket after washing? We saw it, thought“why not” and kept it in our pocket for a long time. All to forget and never go see the place he was selling.

Also consider theenvironmental impact of all this printing. Theink, the paper… all to end up in the garbage can most of the time.

So to put an end to this mess and offer communication that really works, switch to a digital booklet!

2. StyQR benefits

With StyQR, all the information you need to communicate to your customers is available in a single application. With just a few clicks, your customers can find out where to eat, where to walk and which museum to visit.

You can also tell them about promotions and partnerships negotiated for them with certain companies. So, rather than showing up with a flyer they might lose, they’ll simply have to take out their application and present the code.

For them, it’s simpler, more in tune with the times and more personal. You’ll be able to offer them personalized recommendations based on their tastes and desires. That way, you won’t have to offer them a family excursion if they’re traveling as a couple, or a great promotion for a duo massage if they’re a single person.

So you want to move into the digital age and offer a complete
complete experience