Airbnb rental management is quite a job! While some people use concierge services to rent out and maintain their properties, the majority of Airbnb rental owners manage their own properties themselves. And beyond rental maintenance, one of the most tedious tasks in Airbnb management is the key handover stage. In this article, we’d like to explain how MyLoby is revolutionizing key management for Airbnb owners!

Airbnb rental key management:

an ordeal for the owners!

If there’s one thing that many Airbnb rental owners find a pain to deal with on a daily basis, it’s the issue of handing over keys. Whether onarrival or departure, the handover of keys often requires the presence of the owner to hand over and receive the set of keys. However, when they are unable to do so, some owners have to be cunning and find ways of entrusting their keys to someone else. As a result, some Airbnb rental owners find themselves hiding their sets of keys under doormats or flower pots, thus endangering their accommodation.

Fortunately for them, companies like MyLoby are there to help!

MyLoby, an innovative start-up

that simplifies key management!

Indeed, MyLoby is revolutionary in the Airbnb vacation rental market. Developed around a mobile app and a network of relay points throughout France, MyLoby means that homeowners no longer have to visit their Airbnb hosts to hand over the keys. How? Thanks to an innovative guarding system, here’s how it all works.

Step 1: download the MyLoby application
As an owner, you download the MyLoby application and subscribe to the service.

Step 2: find the nearest relay point to your Airbnb rental
So that your Airbnb guests don’t have to look too far for your keys, you look for the nearest relay point. All you have to do is drop off your spare keys at this relay point, and tell your guests that they need to download the MyLoby app to pick up your spare keys at this same relay point.

Step 3: Share the flashcode associated with your key set with your Airbnb hosts
They can then authenticate themselves at the relay point and retrieve your set of keys. The owner will then be notified of this authenticated withdrawal, and will know that his set of keys has been retrieved by his guests. Please note that the MyLoby relay is not a traditional relay point: the shopkeeper takes the time to welcome and advise your guests throughout their stay. It’s a complete key delivery service!

How much

the service MyLoby cost?

Are you convinced that the MyLoby service will simplify your key delivery? The Myloby service is available to Airbnb rental owners for as little as €3 per month per set of keys. However, if you’re likely to receive a lot of Airbnb guests per month, you may want to consider the MyLoby premium offer at €20 per month per set of keys, with an unlimited number of guests and key removals. This makes it ideal for large Airbnb rental managers, but also for large families who are short of sets of keys, or if you hire an in-home cleaning company to maintain your apartment or Airbnb rental.

In any case, we highly recommend this MyLoby service. It’s the ideal way to simplify management and key delivery. And what’s more, it saves you precious time – time you can devote to other activities – while remaining informed in real time when your keys have been dropped off or picked up at your MyLoby relay point.

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