As we told you recently, the star system has changed. But do you know who manages these allocations?
Atout France
will soon have no secrets for you.

1. Who is Atout France?

Atout France is THE reference in the classification of tourist accommodation. Created in 2009, it is an economic interest grouping, an operator of the French State for tourism.

What are its main missions?

  • Promoting France and its destinationsinternationally
  • Promoting global brands as entry points to territories
  • Supporting regional development
  • Contribute to the quality and renewal of the offer through classifications, labels and registrations.

2. Find out more about the ranking

Atout France defines a classification system for collective tourist accommodation: hotels, campsites, leisure parks, tourist residences and vacation villages.

This system is based on 4 main pillars:

  • A range of ratings from 1 to 5 stars
  • A 5-year classification
  • Qualitative criteria
  • Evolving criteria

Did you know that this classification was carried out at the request of the establishments? It’s a voluntary process!

Atout France is agovernment body dedicated to promoting France’s heritage. Do you think it’s important?

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