This is it, the hotel and tourism industry has taken a big step forward! 😁

Yes, today the hotel classification takes into account the digitalization of services such as: dematerialized check-in, internet access in all rooms and many more.

What are the new criteria?

Let’s start by looking at the new criteria that allow you to get the famous stars Atout France, the tourism development agency in France. ⭐

Please note the date of 1 April:

  • The generalisation of the QR code to make the accommodation’s welcome booklet available
  • The dematerialisation of check-in
  • Access to Wifi
  • A minimum of 3 food products from the short circuit when the establishment offers a catering service
  • The use of environmentally friendly cleaning products
  • The obligation to inform customers about soft mobility solutions near the resort
  • Training of staff on the 3 main topics of resource saving

How is the evaluation carried out?

To start your journey to the stars, you need to apply to Atout France for an assessment. Inspectors will come to your hotel to check your facilities.

For your information, the inspection is done by COFRAC (Comité Français d’Accréditation), an accredited firm that awards stars.

Concerning the 1 to 3 star hotels, no suspense! They will be informed of the inspectors’ visit 😉
As for 4 and 5 star hotels, it’s more delicate because they don’t know when the inspectors are going to come and play the role of ordinary guests in the hotel.

And remember that the stars have to be re-evaluated every 5 years, to see if they are still relevant. As we said above, it is up to you, the hotelier, to ask for it, otherwise you will unfortunately lose your precious stars…

The labels

As you probably know, labels are an integral part of the new criteria. A guarantee of quality to raise awareness or reassure your customers.

We are going to focus on two labels: the European Ecolabel and the Tourism & Handicap label.

As far as the European Ecolabel is concerned, you have to implement certain environmental measures to obtain it. 🌎🌱

For example:

  • Limiting energy and water consumption
  • Reduction of waste production
  • Use of renewable resources
  • Raising customer awareness of environmental preservation.

For the Tourism & Handicap label, you must offer a welcome and services adapted to the needs of people with disabilities.

Of course, you can consult a teleservice to find an establishment with the Tourism and Disability label.

All you have to do is implement these new criteria and you will have the stars to match your establishment! 🔥