When you run a hotel, a guest house or you rent your accommodation on platforms like Airbnb, we want to satisfy our travelers at all costs! Sometimes we have to bend over backwards to meet their demands, such as keeping their luggage on the day of their departure during their visits. Indeed, this is a problem frequently encountered by travelers: finding themselves with their luggage on their hands before check-in or after check-out. Fortunately, some great ideas have been developed to make your travelers’ (and therefore your own!) life easier. So why not suggest one of these solutions to your customers? We explain it all to you.


luggage transfer

If your accommodation is located in Paris, this luggage transfer system will be perfect for your travelers! Drop your Bag picks up the luggage of your customers at the place of their choice (hotel, airbnb or elsewhere) and then they will be dropped off at the desired time at the airport (Charles de Gaulle or Orly). A practical, flexible and secure solution for your travelers to enjoy their last day without any constraints!


luggage storage

Holibag is a luggage storage service that is available in nearly 100 cities in France and Europe. The system is convenient, secure (with insurance) and connected! Travelers book their luggage locker from the mobile app or website, then they go to the location to drop off their luggage and finally they receive a reminder notification shortly before the end of the locker. They will then be able to enjoy their day to the fullest by dropping off the items of their choice (suitcases, helmets, shopping bags…).


3 in 1 !

Eelway is a complete luggage management service that offers three options:

  • Luggage storage at a network of partner hotels. If you own a Airbnb or a guest house, it is an interesting solution to advise your guests. If you manage a hotel, why not offer your deposit services?
  • Luggage transfer from the airport or train station to your home, hotel or Airbnb.
  • Delivery of luggage from one place to another, in France and internationally.

Eelway is therefore a complete, easy, fast and secure solution!

These three services will allow you to simplify the life of your travelers so that they spend a pleasant stay in your accommodation. You can therefore suggest that they use one of these solutions for their luggage.

In order to provide them with the necessary information easily, you can include it in the “Practical information” module of your digital welcome booklet. Indeed, StyQR allows you to create your accommodation’s digital welcome booklet for free and in a few clicks, in order to organize all the useful information (wifi code, digicode, tips, good addresses…). Your customers will simply access it by scanning a QR code integrated in a nice picture frame.

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