How many tourist accommodations are there in France? And among them, how many hotels are there? Campsites? Who has been the most affected by the crisis of the covid? We will answer all these questions!

1. The numbers

There are a total of 29,313 tourist accommodations in France (in 2021). Among them :

  • Tourist hotels: 17,405
  • Campsites: 8,239
  • Tourist residences and similar accommodation: 2,386
  • Holiday villages and family homes: 962
  • Youth hostels, international holiday centres, sports centres: 321

Note the difference between a hotel, which is booked for a short stay, and a tourist residence, for longer stays.

2. Tourist accommodation and the covid crisis 19

At the hotel level, the drop in turnover is brutal (compared to 2019): minus 43%! However, the hotel industry in France is more resilient than its neighbours: 47% in the UK and 63% in Germany. Unsurprisingly, the hotels most affected are the luxury hotels, due to the lack of international customers.

However, leisure tourism has not fallen dramatically. Indeed, by postponing their trip to France, the French have increased their bookings in the mountains and on the coast. Rental prices have risen and houses with swimming pools have been snapped up during the summer!

If you want to know more about the subject, you can consult the numerous infographics of the ‘INSEE.

All these figures are impressive. Did you suspect such figures? If you are interested, here is an article on the Gîtes de France label that should please you.