Instagram makes us dream, especially when it comes to travel accounts! So here are our top 3 travel accounts.

1. The best known: natgeotravel

Petits c’était notre chaine préférée à la télévision. Now we admire their photos of animals and distant landscapes.

As a little anecdote, we found ourselves at 6am one morning at the top of the
Chinese Wall
with a few photographers from home. It was a magical moment to see the sunrise there.

2. For a different lifestyle: alexstrohl

For his expeditions, his
and good humor! The photos are natural, inspiring and show breathtaking wild landscapes!

3. The most natural: bestjobers

Probably our favorite for its simplicity and gentleness. From
pastel photos
sublime landscapes and a lovely couple in love.

The little extra? They travel extensively in France and Europe, so it’s easy to steal ideas from them!

So, has this little fan made you want to travel? Do you have any other travel accounts to recommend? If you’re interested in this subject, you can read our various articles on the
regions of France