What exactly does e-tourism mean? Here, we look at this new behavior through the eyes of both users and professionals.

1. For users

E-tourism encompasses all activities related to online tourism.
From our point of view asusers, e-tourism translates into :
  • Search forinformation on a destination (weather, currency, language…)
  • Booking a stay online (on any booking website)
  • Price comparison of several airlines
Exchanges between web users about their travels are also considered e-tourism (blog reading, comments on the Internet or live exchanges on platforms).
Tourists performing these actions even have a new nickname: touristonauts.

2. E-tourism for professionals

From a professional point of view, here’s what can be considered e-tourism:

  • Any online travel agency(Lastminute, Havas voyage…)
  • Price comparison platforms
  • Airlines offering online ticket sales
  • Hosts who offer online booking

It’s a very buoyant sector, even at the moment, with the development of local tourism.

What do you think of this new type of behavior? In our opinion, it’s not really surprising from a technological point of view. We can find any information with just a few clicks.