E-tourism, but what does it mean exactly? Here we will look at this new behaviour through the eyes of users and professionals.

1. For the users

E-tourism includes all activities related to online tourism.

From our point of view as users, e-tourism means

  • Searching for information about a destination (weather, currency, language, etc.)
  • Booking a holiday online (on any booking site)
  • Comparing prices of several airlines

Exchanges between Internet users about their different trips are also considered as e-tourism (reading blogs, comments on the Internet or live exchanges on platforms).

Tourists carrying out this type of action even have a new nickname: touristonauts.

2. E-tourism for professionals

From the point of view of professionals, this is what can be considered as e-tourism:

    • Any travel agency with an online presence (Lastminute, Havas voyage...)
    • Price comparison platforms
    • Airlines that offer online ticket sales
    • Hosts that offer online booking

This is a very buoyant sector, even at the moment, with the development of https://styqr.fr/2021/07/23/le-tourisme-de-proximite-cest-quoi/

What do you think about this new type of behaviour? In our opinion, it is not really surprising from a technological point of view. We can find any information with a few clicks.