Covid obliges, many of us are away for the weekend or on vacation close to home. This new consumer trend is called ” local tourism”, and we take a closer look at it here.

1. What is local tourism?

When the world is out of reach, we (finally?) look around! It’s true that when you live somewhere, you don’t really know your city that well!
Some of us live in Paris and were able to discover their cities like real tourists!
So what is local tourism really all about?
– First of all, as we’ve just said, it’s all about discovering (or re-discovering) your own city and the surrounding area. The maximum is 100 km, so mainly a region.
– A smaller vacation budget. Lodging costs are eliminated or drastically reduced, as are travel expenses. So we indulge a little more in restaurants, cultural visits…

2. What's in it for me?

The benefits of this kind of tourism are manifold. Especially for the region, but also for travelers.

In fact, your budget for catering and cultural visits is greater. You’re indulging yourself more than usual, with a dinner at

We also reduce our ecological footprint! And yes, we travel less, we use less transport, so inevitably the planet thanks us.

And last but not least – and your region is the one that should thank you for this – local tourism helps to revitalize our regions, which have run out of tourists! So encourage the shops near you, try that restaurant that’s been on your list for months, take that long but lovely walk and leave something for the people who take care of it!
In the end, Covid will have taught us to live differently, and not for the worse.

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