We’re starting a series of fun articles today, and I’m announcing, drum roll: a Régiontrip de France!
Our first stopover is in the Occitanie region of France!
Particularly famous for its gastronomy, Occitanie boasts a diversity of landscapes, exceptional places, exciting activities and history. Let’s get together and discover everything this region has to offer.

Fortified towns and villages

You can’t talk about Occitanie without mentioning its many towns and villages that are still fortified as they were in the Middle Ages.
These include Rocamadour in the Lot, Collioure in the Pyrénées-Orientales, Corde sur ciel in the Tarn and Ste Eulalie d’Olt in the Aveyron.

For those looking to explore the big cities, we recommend Toulouse in the Haute-Garonne, Albi in the Tarn to the west and, closer to the sea, Aigues-Mortes and its saltworks in the Gard, Nîmes and Arles and their perfectly preserved arenas in the Gard and Bouches du Rhône. And don’t forget Montpellier, with its beautiful Arc de Triomphe and Saint-Pierre cathedral. Especially since you’re in the birthplace of StyQR.

A wealth of history

Occitanie is one of the most representative and conservative regions of our past. It’s not surprising to come face to face with the Cathar castles, or to visit the city of Carcassonne and its fortified ramparts. The Pont du Gard and Millau Viaduct are also visible in the Occitanie region.

Outdoor activities

For nature lovers, Occitanie is a paradise. Occitanie has every landscape you can imagine. The Pyrenees mountains, the Mediterranean coastline and the countryside are all part of this region.
Numerous hiking and mountain biking trails are within easy reach, leading to exceptional views such as the Pic du Midi, Mont Canigou and the Cirque de Gavarnie in the Pyrenees. In the same spirit, you can go canoeing in the Tarn or Aveyron gorges. For the more inquisitive, you can explore the region’s underground secrets at the Gouffre de Padirac in the Lot département. That’s why we can’t recommend Cirkwi, the perfect guide for all your excursions.

Family activities

Despite the region’s historic and conservative character, it’s also home to all the family activities that can bring young and old together. There are many zoos in the region. There are also leisure centres and water parks, notably around natural lakes. Perfect for summer weather. For space and astronomy enthusiasts, Toulouse’s Cité de l’ Espace will meet all your expectations. And while we’re in the pink city, we might as well spend a few hours strolling along the Canal du Midi. Finally, the Jazz in Marciac festival is the perfect way to enjoy a beautiful summer evening.

Gastronomic activities

What would this article be if we didn’t talk about gastronomy? A region that owes its reputation to its diversity. First and foremost, markets are an integral part of the region’s weekly activity. Every city has its own day, but they all have one. Among the finest in Occitanie are the Cahors market, the Revel market and the Halles market in Sète. Then it’s a good idea to eat in a restaurant supplied by local producers. Traditional dishes based on duck, such as duck breast or foie gras, are served on the western side of the region, while seafood dishes such as brasucade de moules and the famous fougasse aux fritons are served on the eastern side!

Our tour of Occitanie ends here. I hope you’ve been able to learn more about this beautiful region and all it has to offer, and that it’s inspired you to set off on your own voyage of discovery!

Of course, don’t forget to reference any missing activities in your welcome booklet, so that your visitors don’t miss out on an enjoyable experience.