That’s it! Winter is here! And as with every change of season, we recommend that you update your digital welcome booklet. Addresses, useful information… much can vary from one season to the next. So think of your travelers and give them the keys to a perfect stay.

1. Information to be added

During the winter season, many things need to be removed from your digital welcome booklet, but even more need to be added:

  • Comfort-related information: where the plaids are, how the heating works…
  • Safety information: places to avoid, slippery terraces…
  • Activities near you: skiing, snowboarding…

It’s up to you to think about what’s changing in your home and town during the winter months. It’s important for travelers to have all the information they need for their stay.

2. What to remove from your digital welcome booklet?

As well as having information to add, you may also have information to remove! They can cover a wide range of fields:

  • Safety: some hikes recommended in summer can be dangerous in winter
  • Catering: restaurants and convenience stores that can be closed
  • Transport: modified routes, transport closed for the season…
  • Changed numbers: neighbors may be absent during the winter season
  • Activities: all activities that are impracticable or not covered during the winter season

Think about all the information in your digital welcome booklet that may be out of date.

That’s why it’s so important to keep your digital welcome booklet up to date with the seasons. Just think about what information you’d like to have. And if you want to be able to make all these changes in just a few clicks, you can upgrade to the
Premium version of StyQR