Now that you are an experienced StyQR Free user, why not upgrade to StyQR Premium ?

Discover here all the possibilities offered by this superior offer and imagine how much it would change for you !

1. StyQR Premium: customise everything

With StyQR Premium, everything becomes customizable ! Here’s what you get when you upgrade to this offer:

  • Translation of the digital welcome booklet into 8 different languages
  • Unlimited number of modules (compared to 6 with the Free package)
  • Customisation of the design (colours, fonts…)

For professionals, we even offer to provide you with a white-label version of the booklet : you can add your logo, your social networks, your contact details and your website.

2. Additional benefits of the modules

Now that we have seen the advantages in terms of customisation, let’s see what the StyQR Premium offer changes in terms of modules.

For the “digicodes” and “useful numbers” modules : addition of an unlimited number of digicodes and numbers. Very useful if you have several doors to open and if you want to enter all the emergency numbers (which are different in different countries).

Regarding our favourite module, “around me”, you will be able to add and delete addresses and leave a personal note on each one. You can explain why you like it, if you know the manager, if there is a discount for travellers…

The module that benefits the most from StyQR Premium is the “practical information” module. Indeed, you will be able to create your own categories, share as many info as you want and add any kind of files.

Last but not least, you will be able to moderate the comments left by your customers.

So are you convinced ? The free offer is excellent to start and learn how to use our digital welcome booklet, but if you develop, going through the Premium offer will bring you many benefits !