Winter is fast approaching, the radiators are not yet warm and we want to take refuge under a plaid with a good hot chocolate. So think of your customers and prepare a cosy little nest for their arrival at your place.

1. The essentials

Here, it’s simple, think of anything that will make you feel better ! Anything that will keep you warm.

Of course, one thinks immediately of plaids and warm duvets. So offer enough of them and, above all, make a note in your welcome booklet of where your customers can find them.

Don’t forget to check that you have enough cups. In winter, people drink more hot drinks and especially in larger containers. Your visitors might appreciate finding hot chocolate mugs and why not something to make the chocolate when they arrive!

If you have a fireplace or stove, a very simple way to decorate a room is to store logs on top of each other ! Guaranteed effect !

2. The advantages of a cosy decor

It’s time to let loose ! For a cosy decoration, use Pinterest or decoration magazines.

Here’s what we recommend you add :

  • A few lightly scented candles
  • A knitted blanket like this one
  • A few strings of lights
  • Fluffy cushions and rugs

When it comes to colours, opt for soft colours : white, cream and grey. And at Christmas time you can add a little green and red. We’ve written a whole article about decorating your home at Christmas.

And now you know everything ! You can replace your summer decoration with something more comfortable. Don’t forget to take photos of your home in this new atmosphere to make people want to come to your home even more !