It’s statistically proven that the quality of your photos has a major impact on the success of your rental ad! In fact, professional-quality photos will improve the performance of your ad by getting more bookings and longer bookings. Nightly rates will also be 26% higher, and overall rental income 40% higher! So don’t wait any longer to improve the photos in your ad! Here’s our advice.

Source : Airbnb

Use a

professional photographer

It’s the simple choice: you’re assured of high-quality results. You can hire a professional photographer in your area, with rates generally ranging from €80 to €300, depending on the photographer, the size of your home and the number of shots taken.
Airbnb also offers a professional photography service, the price of which will be deducted from your future rentals (
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Take the pictures

by yourself

If you want to save money and are a bit creative, you can do the photos yourself. Choose a good-quality camera or smartphone. Your home needs to be clean, tidy and not too busy, with tasteful decoration. Remember to take a sufficient number of photos. Take photos of each room, and don’t neglect the details that can make all the difference and make your travellers fall in love with you (pretty plants, candles, etc.)! Choose good angles, and avoid shooting from too high or with your camera tilted.

Our tips for even

better pictures

If your photos aren’t perfect the first time, don’t panic! You can retouch them for an even better look. You can do this directly on the iPhone by adjusting brightness, contrast and saturation. You can also use the


application, which is both powerful and easy to use.
Finally, you can invest in a tripod or wide-angle lens to improve your angles of view.

These tips are sure toincrease your bookings and therefore your rental income!
But we’ve still got some tips in store for you 😉